WINDOWS method for adding disk cleaning tools

Windows Server 2008 R2 didn’t have a disk cleaning tool installed in it. It needed to be installed in a manual way to use the disk cleaning tool. Most of the time, after the system was updated, a lot of garbage files would be produced. It was uneasy to use a third party software to clean up the files, So here we would like to share how to use the disk cleaning tool provided by the system when Windows Server 2008 R2 didn’t have it

method 1, install ¡° on Windows Server 2008; Desktop experience ¡± Use the disk cleaning tool to install ¡° ¡± The specific steps were as follows:

1 Open ¡° Server manager &rdquo& mdash;& mdash; In ¡° Function summary ¡± Then he clicked ¡° Add the function &rdquo

2. In ¡° Choose the function ¡± On the page, choose ¡° Desktop experience ¡± Then he clicked ¡° The next step was &rdquo

3. In ¡° Confirm the install option ¡± On the page, verify that you have installed the desktop experience, and then click ¡° Install &rdquo

4. In ¡° The result ¡± On the page, the system will remind you to restart the server to complete the install process. Click ¡° Close ¡±, Then she clicked ¡° ¡± Start the server again. After starting the server again, she confirmed that the desktop experience was installed

5. He started the Server Manager and found it in ¡° Function summary ¡± Then she confirmed that the desktop experience was installed

and then clicked ¡° Start &rdquo& mdash;& mdash;& ldquo; All the procedures &rdquo& mdash;& mdash;& ldquo; &rdquo& mdash;& mdash;& ldquo; System tool &rdquo& mdash;& mdash;& ldquo; Disk cleaning ¡±, Open the disk cleaning tool

method 2, copy

directly. For Windows Server 2008 (64-bit), use the following order to copy

and 2008 (64-bit)_ microsoft-Windows-cleanmgr_ 31bf3856ad364e35_ 6.0.6001.18000_ none_ c962d1e515e94269cleanmgr. Exe C:WindowsSystem32

Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)_ microsoft-Windows-cleanmgr_ 31bf3856ad364e35_ 6.1.7600.16385_ none_ c9392808773cd7dacleanmgr. After copying exe C:WindowsSystem32

, he used cleanmgr Exe can run the disk cleaning tool