Which is more suitable for WeChat and mail?

According to the “2018 China Mobile consumer research” shows that Chinese people see the number of e-mail users worldwide compared with 22% less. In China, working in the most commonly used micro letter: According to the Penguin intellectual cool release of “2017 micro-channel user & ecological research report” in the 20,000 surveyed the crowd, more than 80% of people will use WeChat office, and by electronic Mail office accounted for only 22.6%, following a telephone, fax and SMS and QQ in fourth place.

Western countries, the situation is the opposite. There, email is still dominated. In the United States and Britain, e-mail is the most popular online activity, with about 90% of Internet users. Daily use of email in the first place for all online activities, more than any other online social media activity, online shopping, and audio and video consumption.

Why instant messaging technology is so advanced now, and Westerners still choose to e-mail as the main way to communicate it? I think the main reasons are the following:

1, preservation of evidence, a lot of content contained in a message, but also include a few people speak, Annex expired does not exist, what once the legal dispute, the message can be used as evidence convincing. In contrast micro letter, sent as attachments expire after seven days, once needs to be accountable, often because of attachment disappear and can not find the evidence.

2, easy to search, foreign e-mail such as Gmail search function is very powerful, more than a dozen G-mail can quickly find specific messages by keyword.

3, convenient, cross-platform e-mail, cloud save content, do not take up space on your phone, e-mail can easily manage tens of G, and micro-channel, once capacity is too large, speed is significantly slower, and take up valuable space on your phone.

4, safety, and for micro-channel, once the phone is lost, along with all the micro-channel content is lost, the security for the corporate office is unacceptable, and all e-mail stored on the server side, mobile phones, computers We are lost, the message is still not lost.

5, time management, e-mail messages may be automatically divided by the filter for different types, office automatically separate private messages and messages, so that the user can concentrate on the message at a certain time period, to improve the working efficiency. And this is the micro-channel non-stop pop-up news, people have to deal with the news immediately, actually reduces the efficiency of processing information.

6, openness, platform and underlying protocols are open, different e-mail platforms are basically follow the same protocol, users can easily switch between different e-mail platforms, the possibility of a monopoly platform for e-mail does not exist. E-mail protocol is developed, third-party applications can be made into a variety of APP by e-mail protocols, such as e-mail clients, mail automation program, or e-mail functionality into business applications, the business reaches a certain system conditions automatically trigger email. Micro-channel is a closed system, the entire communication protocol are closed, open only a small number of interfaces, each interface as well as a lot of functional limitations.

7, functional limitations, less functional limitations of e-mail, know each other’s e-mail address, you can send messages to each other, although it also brought the proliferation of spam, but in general, all modern e-mail system many intelligent automatic filter spam. Email no keyword limits, content in general can send accurate service. Micro-channel is a lot of restrictions, communications both have to install micro letter, you must first add other friends before the communication, the other after passing in order to send a message, the number of friends to get up early micro-channel as well as limit the content of micro letter will be sent by keyword filtering, certain after sending the contents of the other party may not be able to receive.

8, protection of personal space, compared to the micro-channel platforms such as instant messaging, e-mail can better protect employees’ personal space. Many times, the dialogue micro letters and other instant messaging software is regarded as the unofficial private communications, and e-mail can be considered as the official communication, through the platform, you can separate work and living areas, working time only to see the message, personal weekend break to use instant messaging software. Content of the work will not invade personal life during non-working time, well protected the rest of the staff.

In summary, e-mail letter for micro is very many advantages, many features micro-channel can not be solved, which is the reason users like foreign exchange by e-mail.