WeChat public platform “account migration” process public beta

Today, the WeChat public platform “account migration” process begins public beta, meet the requirements of WeChat public account, can migrate fans, articles, illegal records to another. After the migration is completed, the original public number is logged out. WeChat official said long, due to the historical reasons such as some public numbers, inacchers, or the real situation of the account entity, discrete or service adjustment, etc. Causes a lot of trouble in certification or annual answers, affecting the normal use of some functions, and is not conducive to the outside world to understand the operation of the account. The “Account Migration” process is available in this time, which can effectively solve this objective problem under the existing protocol rules.

Users can log in to the public platform in the official website -> Settings -> Public Number Set -> Main Information -> Account Migration, click “Start Migration” to enter the application process. At the same time, account migration needs to meet the following conditions:

1. The original public number migrated must be the subscription number or service number of the organization type;

2. The new public number that is ready to move must verify that the main information [small payment verification or has been certified (including qualified review success)] and fans ¡Ü1000;

3. Personal type account is temporarily unable to migrate, ie personal accounts cannot migrate to the organization type account, and vice versa.