WeChat public account design planning and management

WeChat in 2015, the number of active numbers of Q1 was 549 million, compared to the 300 million monthly active users in Tencent 2014, the new active users in this quarter reached approximately 10% year-on-year, and the WeChat public account from 2012. 2012 Since the on-line in August, more than 1 million registered users have been accessed, 70% of the certified accounts are corporate users. More and more companies have begun to recognize WeChat’s importance for companies, and more and more companies want to use WeChat to create value for themselves.

However, how to use WeChat profit, it is a confusion of many companies. When WeChat 5.0 is divided into subscribers to the subscriber service number, the company can’t touch the mind, do not know how to start. In this case, how do companies design and operate their WeChat public account?

First, determine the purpose of operating public account

Why do your business operate WeChat public account? I don’t know how many companies think about this problem before registering WeChat public accounts? Just because WeChat’s users up to hundreds of millions, or other companies have WeChat public accounts, will we also have? Before operating the public account, it is very important.

We have entered the era of mobile Internet, and the future of the company must be on the mobile Internet. This is why the Internet giants have to seize the reasons for mobile Internet entrances at all costs. There are many applications on mobile devices, but the user’s time is limited, and their attention has become scarce resources, and this scarce resource is occupied by a small amount of app. Enterprises outside the giants, especially non-Internet companies, seem to be more disadvantaged in the mobile Internet era. So do you really have the opportunity to enter the mobile Internet? In fact, because WeChat provides a large platform for mobile Internet for these companies, a super platform with hundreds of millions of users.

After WeChat, if the company’s human resources and funds are not very sufficient, the company can abandon the traditional business official website, develop a series of practices such as app. Put all the efforts to WeChat, with WeChat low cost into the mobile Internet, and can provide better services for their customers. For most companies, WeChat is a shortcut to lead them into the mobile Internet era, and they can extend on WeChat through other means in the Internet era, and they can extend on WeChat, and can do service better. If the resources and funds of the company are relatively sufficient, they can also combine WeChat and mobile official websites, apps and other tools. By effective integration, better results will be achieved.

Second, zero distance and customer communication and interaction

In the Internet age, everything is driven by user needs. The product design is driven by users, operations and management is driven by user needs, and commercial touch is also driven by user needs. That is to say, it is important to understand user needs. However, before WeChat, most companies cannot communicate and interact with their final customers anytime, anywhere, and it is difficult to collect users. Enterprises don’t know that their products are ultimately sold to who, customers can’t keep demand to enterprises at any time. If you want to hear real feedback from the customer, you need to take a questionnaire survey, call visit to the third party, and hire a third-party professional institution. If the customer wants to reflect the problem to the business, it is necessary to take time and cost.

Use WeChat, these problems are unspeakable. If companies can gather their customers under their public accounts, enterprise operators can communicate with customers at any time, customers can also express their feelings after using the product, and completely do zero distances communication. Of course, the premise is that customers can pay attention to the company’s WeChat public account.

Third, catch new customers

Enterprises operate WeChat public accounts, and ultimate goals are to earn more profits by providing customers with quality services. That is, there is a customer first, and then there will be business. Enterprises have to earn more profits from customers, or develop new customers, or make old customers to buy again, get new customers through WeChat, this is an important purpose of many enterprises to operate public accounts, but also the basis and premise of the ultimate goal .

For example, your company is producing weight loss or whitening health products, you can use a public account similar to “Love Beauty, Love Health”, to push some whitening and weight loss knowledge or experience every day, pay attention to this information It is likely to be interested in your health care; if your business is a tourism-related service, you can operate a public account similar to “Traveling to go”, and push some travel skills and tourism common sense every day. By indirectly acquiring new customers through these methods, it is much more effective than obtaining new customers through advertising. There are still many ways to get new customers to get new customers, but the core is to provide potential target customers to provide them with valuable content.

Fourth, retain the old customers

For business, old customers are the most important wealth. Maintain an old customer, make it repeatedly purchased, this cost is only 20% of a new customer, that is, the company has developed an old customer more cost-effective.

WeChat is an important purpose of dividing the public number as a subscription number and service number to strengthen WeChat service properties. Thus more focused on user service. The role of the service number is to let the company provide pre-sales, after-sales service through WeChat, so that the services provided by the company through physical stores, PCs and phones, etc. are well extended on the mobile Internet. The subscription number is more inclined to share, knowledge, and experience sharing. How do you operate the service number and the subscriber? First, the service number must be able to reply to the customers through the WeChat public platform and provide solutions as possible; second, the service number should solve various problems in accordance with the characteristics of the company and customer needs. For example: Focusing on the WeChat public number of China Construction Bank, not only can understand the content you don’t understand, but also can handle balance inquiry, life payment, credit card repayment and other business. Easily solve various problems.

If all companies can provide such a powerful and intimate service for their old customers through WeChat, the old customers will have a sense of dependence on the enterprise micro signal. Once there is dependent, repeated purchase is natural and there is natural.

In short, some people may have ads, subway, elevators, toilets, … advertisements are not involved. As a strong visual, there is a large platform with billions of users, the WeChat public number is naturally a marketing channel that is not missed. If you want customers to take the initiative to receive information, companies must win a good and trust of potential customers. When there is a large number of potential customers trust you, your WeChat public account has marketing value.