WeChat phone this announced on October 22nd

On October 19th, according to IT’s home news, WeChat phone will issue a notice to the user before, and announced that it will be removed on October 22.

Disclosure, WeChat phone is a high-efficiency and intelligent communication enhancement software built by Tencent, launched on November 11, 2014, supports notification SMS automatic archiving, spam intercepting, SMS collection & encryption, etc. Intelligent management; There is an attribution, blacklist, contact automatic backup and more than 50 million unfamiliar numbers.

In addition, WeChat phone also supports exclusive WeChat avatar import, and supports free calls under network conditions and the audio to voice mail boxes in the case where the other party cannot be turned on. WeChat phone supports both Android and iOS versions.

Use WeChat phone this to call the free network phone, you need to download this app and open the free call function. If you use a free call function, you need to log in to WeChat account within WeChat phone, and bind your mobile phone number. If the other party has not received a call, it will automatically transfer voice message.

In terms of tariff, WeChat phone This call feature is free of charge, but will consume traffic at 2G / 3G / 4G network, free of charge in WiFi. Call the phone through WeChat phone, send text messages generated by the information, and the Internet traffic charges generated by the operator.

In December 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “APP notification on the violation of the user rights (the sixth batch of 2020)”, the WeChat phone book, etc. APP is mandatory, frequent, over-registration permissions.