WeChat hard post heel

The release of WeChat 5.0 internal test, ushered in the cloud cloud of many media, analysis and predicts, but the future is often not predict, but will come forward. The author opened some WeChat’s truth from demand and product, human nature and habits.

The head has always existed, and the WeChat real engine is behind the scene of the stage.

From the early shakes, the “about gun artifact”, video chat, strikes telecom operators, as well as “big data” that can usher in the ground; but Mo Mo “about gun” is more accurate, The telecom operator injured in the video chat is still not hurt, sweeping, and the whole people are worried. WeChat’s gravity is still in terms of communication and content, such as “video chat” in 3.0, 4.0 has “real-time intercom”, and 5.0 is a screening of content in public platform, encouraging value services .

No one understands that it is only the application of “about guns” can not last long, the most is the phenomenon-level product; but the tools for communication are not easy to erase QQ, WeChat will not be like local happy network and Weibo, When you have not truly bloom, you will see if you can provide zero and robbing. For example, you will move the status from everyone’s network, and turn to Sina Weibo, or change in WeChat, basically zero and game. But the author has determined that the hardenhed foot follower of WeChat, outside the basic function and the wind, the engine drives the WeChat value is the change of information production, communication and acquisition.

What we need is how to meet in the mobile Internet age.

As long as you do only “fast fishing gold” is the product of the picture, we often pay attention to a long-lasting demand. We meet the needs of users who are still needed after ten years. Even if fashion changes, people need to change, just We need to follow up the way to meet the needs and rhythm. We have always needed information, need to contact others, these two are directly solutions to other needs of our emotional appeal, work efficiency and hobbies.

We need to contact and communicate, but don’t have to focus on the screen throughout the screen to understand the movement of your friends, the mobile phone who is in the mouth can brush out existence, and even more, anywhere, come to the way. As long as Googleglass and iWatch have not alive, the mobile phone is the best way to keep in touch.

Wang Xing once refers to the four major inventions of ancient China in the Taiwanese Park, and there are three IT (information technology), paper, compass and typography. In the information age, Google makes silence information. It can be seen that Facebook makes information spread more quickly, trusted and interesting, twitter makes information easier: Today’s information is no longer, choose and get information itself It has become a cost, for example, Weibo pays less than less, paying more attention, too annoying. How to make information spread more effectively is the problem now.

Subversion and changes in information flow methods, letting content and services run the way.

WeChat controls the content and interaction of content, which has promoted the production and communication of information, and the most important thing is that it is really effective. Use a picture to compare the information communication of Weibo and WeChat. The author’s dedication of social and information communication has been a long time. WeChat is the first social product that separates the demand level and verifies effective social products. But how to integrate on the same platform, and interaction must comply with user habits, which fully demonstrates the energy of “friends” and “public account”. (The ghost feet is the first in Sina Weibo to open from the media banner, the way to use Weibo private letter is good, you will try it out)

After hardening, heel is reshaped the media and community, and the front feet is on the line.

The post-heel is hard, and it is a inevitable target in the information dissemination and content field, but whether it is traditional media, portal, or self-media, personalized subscription and high efficiency conversion is an inevitable goal. WeChat is a soil that is raised from the media, but it also It is not enough to support the survival of the media, hundreds of thousands of public accounts do not make money, there are 5 monthly collection of 20W accounts far less than 100 months, and the sustainable ecology of the public platform does not exist. Logic thinking of Luo Zhen Yu is still in the stage of “public utilities”. The Yunke Technology of Cheng Yufeng even if the advertisement is rich but still lacks replication, Pan Yuefei brothers have passed the Sohu IT, but the traditional media can play different from the WeChat world. Effective. (Sohu IT If WeChat role, add another design to the portal, is it better than Pan Yuefei + boss Sohu IT better, wait and see, and even more likely to subvert the portal and social media)

Talking about the public account of the government, institutions and enterprises, the author does not think they are the backheel that makes up the core competitiveness of WeChat unless they use WeChat products to provide unique depth services and users love, this part of the public account At this stage, the basic service part of WeChat is often transferred to functional service and expands channels. However, the effect is still caused by the resources and trends from Tencent itself. Today, WeChat users are active, and they are in the past. Happy network and microblogging class, just, the higher the attachment and the degree. For example, the credit card reminder, there is not much better than SMS; customer service is basically advertising + SMS reply function transfer in WeChat, unless you scan the user’s habits, or simply put the NFC’s function (card, etc.), board the plane and Other authentication, payment and other functions are made of ultimate and popularization, this is what is doing before WeChat. The front foot of WeChat also has more flexibility, the chemical reaction of the product is tried, experience, intuition, and vision will play, but it will not be all, WeChat needs the ultimate and user habits of users. Consisten to it; on the other hand, it is also necessary to cooperate with multiple parties to constitute a healthy commercial ecosystem. Regardless of the 5.0 and future versions of the e-commerce, local life services or “big data”, all combine the online line, the mobile terminal is the best medium to circulate underline information so far.

However, the data that cannot be used is meaningless. It cannot be accepted by the user is also futile, this and a product, function and service are initially pushed to the user’s motivation and goals, but the initial words, early morphology and Evaluation, the relationship is not large.

After WeChat hard, the foot root is basically standing. It may be waiting for the home of traditional media and portals. Now the Tiger Net, 36kr, and Ai Fan and other media ΢ ΢ ΢ Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá Çá ÇáThe technical channels of the four major portals will make more Wonderful. And where WeChat’s forefoot is unsure, it will be more challenging and fun, at least the hard can strive for hard and opportunities. Review a microblog, in addition to supporting pictures and videos, there is no improvement and innovation for users’ solutions for users (information accumulation and screening aspects), which are both indispensable, and repeated version updates. There is no surprise for any experience. Just focus on Weibo only focus on members, games, etc., the user’s Internet device, communicating with each other, and the way information is quiet but quickly shift.