We need Kindle or iPad mini

In December last year, Amazon China launched the Kindle store, recently said that the Kindle reader will be at the end of March. From such a well-known “rumor”, you can see everyone’s hope for Kindle: Reading tools that have been achieved abroad will be entered to China, how can I not expect.

Today, digital publishing has gradually trend, and some famous newspapers magazines, such as “Christian Monitor”, “News Week”, etc. to stop paper printing. Not long ago, the Times Warner Group announced that the “Times” magazine became independent enterprises, and the Times Warner Group was more focused on “TV network and film-related business”. The wonderful flow of the news magazine is facing such a dilemma. This is a worst “era” for paper publications.

However, the recession of the newspaper magazine does not simply be attributed to the “baptism” of the traditional publication in Kindle, to a certain extent, this is the result of the long-term development and cultivation of the Internet. As we all know, traditional publications have two ways to make money: one is advertising, represented by newspaper magazine; the other is paying, represented by books. For the former, the content must be joyful, so that the reader can jump out of the mind from the thinking from the thinking; for the latter, the content does not need to be responsible for the advertiser, so how long is the big interlaced and with clear logic, plot Tandide, bring the reader ‘s complete imagination and thinking space.

Due to the budget of advertisers, they naturally look forward to spending this money in the wide range of communication – obviously non-internet. The newspaper magazine appears later, which has created a fast food reading experience relative to books. Internet content strengthens the public’s reading habits: fragmentation, fast, short and obvious excitement, now is the season of Internet harvest. When you think that the mouse click and gesture sliding with the book page is not different, the newspapers and magazines who are committed to fast food is intended to be “dead”.

The target of Kindle is to subvert the payment book for immersion reading. I believe that books have a sense of feature in addition to reading. I have to have such an experience in most friends: I have to go back to school when I go to school. Although most of the time, you will not touch it, but the next time I can’t help but do this. Another example is that most people like to visit the bookstore or online store to buy a lot of books, but there is no one to read. This shows that our part of the acquisition is reflected in the books of books. In other words, the book part satisfies our inexperienced knowledge. Therefore, e-books and traditional books have no difference in content, just that we are used to touching only the imagination of touch.

Let’s talk about what I think is not worth buying Kindle:

1, cheap, but unbearable “light”

In order to eliminate the reader’s “ceremony”, Amazon gives an inexpensive reason: cheap Kindle and more cheap e-book prices. In particular, a reason for foreigners is a big cheaper: English book is really expensive. But China’s book is much lower than foreign prices, plus online bookstores and full anti-activities, and book prices have almost become a price of cabbage. In 2007, Amazon launched Kindle, led the e-reader market to rapidly fierce. According to statistical institutions ISUPPLI, 2011 is 2.3.2 million units for e-reader shipments. But the sales of e-book readers fell by 36% over last year. On the same year, Google joined forces to launch NEXUS 7 tablets, Apple released iPad mini. According to foreign analysts, NEXUS 7 sales have sold 450 to 4.8 million last year, and the sales of iPad mini is twice. NPD DisplaySearch report forecast, 2013 iPad series products will reach 100 million, of which half is half. Kindle’s hot sale is ended by portable flat, which proves that the trend of electronic products is functional centralization and portability: if an ipad mini can achieve navigation, game, online for reading, what else do we have to bring a Kindle?

2, the E-Ink screen may be very good, but not so important

Many people think that the E-Ink screen is more friendly to human eyes and read healthier. Of course, if you can endure the E-INK screen short refresh rate and fragile screen, it is really worth considering. But put this as an important basis for your decision, it is inevitable. According to this logic, read paper books under the same conditions can protect our eyes, and that Kindle does not even? Turn it to the extreme: Can you discard all screens including mobile phones, computers and televisions for your eyesight and health? E-INK is just a compromise. Without a perfect electronic device, the basis should be the most concerned requirement when you purchase. Of course, if you think that E-INK is very important or curious, how is this screen, please ignore me the words, directly started Kindle. At least, I have been using a 7-inch Android tablet reading, and my eyes have not feel any discomfort. 3, not focus, is nostalgic

Some friends around or have passed Taobao or through Haitao, and some friends will warmly welcome Kindle’s arrival. Many people’s reasons are: Kindle features pure, can focus on reading. I think that Kindle does not let you read more than before, and its hot fried, some modern means: resisting technology development, the fragmentation reading and efficiency of the technology, and advocates joining emotional elements during reading, ie missing Traditional books that touchable experience. Breaking this superstition is easy, as long as you compare, if you use Kindle, you can spend a lot of time to read books like it before, and of course, the premise is that you have read habits. In fact, this is not only depends on your use of Kindle or book reading, but also depends on your consumption: If there is no experience of imputing long reading, then Kindle will not make you more focused. My experience is that electronic reading will crowd games, brush Weibo, browse the fragmentation time of the information, or forward the pillow, the toilet is converted into reading time.

But it is undeniable that the tuning of electronic reading is unstoppable. The more time spent on the device, the less time spent on traditional publications, and we tend to purchase fewer books, newspapers and magazines. In the near future, human life may have to complete reading on the screen, and the resistance to technology is just a car. I don’t think that the immersion reading is more “advanced” than fast food reading, as long as we can more and more effective acquisition, the way is not so important. The times we are in and foreseeable future, even if it is not the best, it will not be worse.

Author: Wen Hao,