User complaints Apple pre-installed software cannot be removed

According to Guangzhou Daily, this month, Miss Yao, Shenzhen, in the support of the public welfare legacy platform, requested the court to order Apple to disclose its monitoring and stealing in the iPhone pre-installed software. The function of the private information of the user, and the issue that cannot be free to uninstall the pre-installed software is open to a public payment on the media.

Miss Yao said in a complaint that January 30, 2013, she bought a iPhone 5 in 4,600 yuan in Huaqiang North, but there was a lot of inconvenience in the process of using this mobile phone, including:

First, the mobile SIM card must be used to use; secondly, the download software can only select the only way to set the mobile phone manufacturer (Apple Store); Finally, if you are connected to your computer, you have to make a special match installation. More importantly, Miss Yao felt that Apple’s mobile phone manufacturer was pre-installed with several software, and these software were unable to uninstall, Miss Yao believes that IPHONE mobile phones that can’t be uninstalled. The software includes compass, speech memo, map, stock market, mail, etc.

I think this is that the apple, Yao Miss, is full. It is estimated to be famous for the name of Apple, Apple’s pre-installed application capacity and no advertisement, most of them are practical, compared to domestic The application of Android mobile phone customists pre-installed, called a conscience company, such pre-installations will be defended, then there is no mobile phone that is suitable for her. To really want to uninstall, it is not that it can be free to remove uninstallation, but jailbreak will bring great security hazards, it is very likely to make malware has a machine. Apple applications must be installed through the official AppStore, in order to prevent malicious applications, so the malicious application on Apple phones is much less than the Android. For the public, Apple provides an easy-to-use and safe solution, providing the best use experience for most users, for users like Yao, she needs an apple mobile phone, but Nokia 1050 Such a non-smartphone.