US government considers the chart of Tiktok

According to Reuters, US Secretary of State Pengpeo said in the evening of Monday, the United States “definitely considers” banned Chinese social media applications, including Tiktok. According to reports, Peonio said in an interview with Fox: “About China App on the mobile phone, I can guarantee this, the United States will also do this. I don’t want to talk about this matter before Trump. But this is what we are paying attention. “

Peteoe is also known as the United States is worried that Chinese social media Tiktok may be used by the government as a tool for monitoring and publicity, so the government is considering restricting the US “user” to use the application, and the US people should increase the alert to the use of Tiktok.

Trump reported on Tuesday, said: “This is what we are exploring.” “This is a big transaction. You are, China has done this virus, they do to this country, and the whole world Everything is shameful. “

US President Trump said that its government is considering the use of Chinese social media applications in the United States, China’s social media is used in local use, refers to retaliation for China’s treatment 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). One possible way. Trump did not provide any details about the potential decision. He said, I hope that Tiktok is “one of the” many ways “to start a counterattack in the United States to the Beijing government.

In the past few years, the US government has expressed doubts about Tiktok handles user data, saying that the app may reveal user information and have a related loss for US local users.

Tiktok spokesperson responded to the question of Pengpeio on Tuesday, “Tiktok leaders from the CEO of American, responsible for hundreds of employees and safety, security, products, and public policy in the United States. It is also a member of American. The company provides a safe application experience for users. The company has never provided users data to the government. Even if we are required, we will not do this. “

Last week, the Indian government announced that China APPs such as Tiktok and WeChat were banned in India, calling these applications “engaged in harming Indian sovereignty and complete activities.” Tiktok responded to the question of the Indian government, indicating that “Tiktok has been complying with all data privacy and security requirements in India law, and does not share our information in Indian users without any national government.”