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According to Newzoo released “global gaming market report” shows that the world has 2.5 billion mobile gamers, there are more than 880 million home console players, there are 1.3 billion PC platform players, mobile gaming income is expected to $ 77.2 billion, console games is expected to 45.2 billion dollar, PC gaming is expected to $ 36.9 billion. PC platform computer game as one of the three major gaming platforms can not be ignored, computer games is extremely rich selection of ten best game is a very difficult thing, I have here a comprehensive game sales, ratings, and major sites in Asia the user’s game experience, a list of ten best stand-alone computer games.

Here filtering rules of the game, the game release date for the publication of 2013, only screened Chinese stand-alone game, obviating the need for online gaming, excluding fast food games, only screening takes a lot of time in the game, long need to be longer than five game clearance Hour. Here is what I bring to you the ten best stand-alone computer game list, for your reference.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” (Grand Theft Auto V)

“Grand Theft Auto 5” by the game company Rockstar Games publishing of an adventure game about a crime-themed open action. 3A is an open world game comes up, quality is very good, the top ten standings in the Steam sales high, is a long list of tyrants game.

Games for shaping the character was very successful, the three protagonists distinctive, Ganaiganhen, excellent gameplay, open in this virtual world, players can almost acts recklessly do whatever you want, story time long, the main storyline there are more than 50 hours, the main plot and story line about a total of more than 100 hours.

In addition to stand-alone mode, GTA5 also an online mode GTA online, but usually require the accelerator to smooth game playing.

“GTA5” The game screen is pretty good at the time, but it feels as good as “Watchdog 2” Well, if you play GTA5 feel good, then the “Watchdog 2” is another choice after GTA5 comes to an end, players can take a look at Ubisoft’s open-world games of Star and R are different.

“Red Dead Redemption 2” (Red Dead Redemption 2)

“Red Dead Redemption 2” are issued by a game company Rockstar Games to the United States for the history of the Wild West theme of open world action-adventure game, the company issued “Red Dead Redemption” orthodox sequel.

And “Grand Theft Auto 5” different, “Red Dead Redemption 2” is a modern theme with the opposite cowboy’s game, very rich content of the game, tells the story of eloquence, and before the phase and GTA5 not only to enhance the all-round than in the grinding interactive experience to the next level, creating a virtual community logic can run internal self-consistent, is a high-quality large-scale open-world game.

Story time is very long, light main storyline to at least more than 60 hours, if you want to complete all the tasks, then the game grow to more than 100 hours.

“Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)”

“Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunt” is a third-person action role-playing game adapted from the fantasy novel “hunting magic”, the player controls the protagonist Livia’s Geralt to play in the third person open world. Geralt is a hunting magic, looking for their missing daughter traveling around, she was mad hunt outsider forces hunting, who was trying to use its power. The core story of the game has multiple endings, determined by the choice of some players in the plot branch point.

“Sorcerer 3: wild hunt,” the story a long time, the light more than 50 hours should be the main storyline, quests there are more DLC content. Wizard 3 UFIDA huge cast of characters, each character has a wealth of character creation, each character has its own story, the story fascinating, just as players watched a vivid movie.

“Sorcerer 3: wild hunt,” the downside is that the combat system, the plot is full, the operation is very skinny. As a RPG game, but can only experience the warrior type of character, the player may want to experience the wizards, sorcerers, assassins, priests, hunters, druids, and so the role, but not the experience, “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” at least also You can experience hunter, warrior, assassin three roles. “Sorcerer 3: wild hunt,” the combat system is four rolling, magic function better than nothing, if the battle system can be modified to “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” “wolves”, “God of War” the kind of combat system, operate on smoothly too much. Riding experience is not very satisfactory operation, at every turn card terrain, sometimes had to dismount direct foot less time, In addition, if there are flying mounts just fine.

“Resident Evil 2 heavy plate” (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

“Resident Evil 2: heavy plate (Resident Evil 2 Remake)” is one of the famous Japanese survival horror video game “Resident Evil” series of works, is the 1998 classic action-adventure game “Resident Evil 2” remake version, Capcom The company developed and released, use the “Resident Evil 7” with the money to build the engine RE engine. CAPCOM not only for the majority of players has brought an opportunity to once again pondering the classic, but also for other manufacturers on “How to remake the classic game” provides an excellent example. The remake adds support for Chinese Mandarin dubbing all the characters uses a new modeling image in the play is still a puzzle to explore light heavy fighting action adventure game.

“Resident Evil 2: heavy plate” is not an open world game, pay more attention to its clever level design. The story is divided into two story lines: Lyon line (Leon Scott Kennedy) and Claire lines (Claire Redfield). Lyon line clearance about 10 hours, about 10 hours Clare line clearance, game table off in the closing minutes, to play a total of four lines, additional mode there is a fourth survivor, tofu survivors, and the specter of four survivors level, replayability are good.

In addition, the “Resident Evil 3: heavy plate” is equivalent to “Resident Evil 2: heavy plate” of a DLC, game overall feeling pretty good, the process is very short, the story cut too much, there is no long-term original Resident Evil game long and 6 hour clearance. In addition, the “Resident Evil 3: heavy plate” soundtrack is far from the original “Resident Evil 3” sounds good, the original end of the song is very nice, heavy plate almost nothing can listen to music.

“Neil: mechanical era (NieR: Automata)”

“Neil: mechanical era” story is set in the distant future, about being destroyed on Earth sent by the enemy of mankind mechanical alien life forms and human side of the man who sent a “YoRHa” Combat troops story. “Neil: Mechanical Age” music is very good, good background music to set the mood of the scene to the limit. Thoughts on the game full of humanity and philosophy, and even the names of many BOSS is the history of the great philosopher’s name.

“Horizon: Zero Dawn (Horizon: Zero Dawn)”

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” on the basis of the wide open world, many monsters optimized and polished. As the main feature of the game, so that players combat system is very satisfactory, mainly due to the game all over the world, an extensive mechanical beast, they have different patterns of behavior and characteristics, players need to be very careful in the face of these mechanical beasts. The game itself revolves around the old world to explore fascinating mystery is like a maze. The final outcome also makes the players surprised and moved. It can even be regarded as one of the most beautiful picture in the history of the game.

“Metal Gear Solid V: phantom pain (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)”

“Metal Gear Solid V: phantom pain” is a small island studio developed an action adventure game, time game content is set in the “Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zero” after nine years, namely 1984. Players will be in Afghanistan and Angola – were Zaire border adventure, the game is designed to form an open world, players are free to explore the desert in Afghanistan during the war in Afghanistan, and the Central African jungle during the civil war in Angola, while collecting resources to build and operate their own mother base.

“Monster Hunter: World” (Monster Hunter: World)

“Monster Hunter: World” is Capcom MT Framework engine uses action adventure game development production. In the game players will play the group recommended a fifth group of hunters to explore the depths of the New World to unlock the secret cologne migration.

Monster Hunter’s core gameplay is to collect material, hunting monsters, production equipment, and then challenge stronger monsters. Play pure single target, but a single play is full of variables: per piece hunting have different characteristics; the monster variety, very different moves and weaknesses; equipped with a wide range of different functions, select with consuming effort; it is difficult to control the process of fighting , site of destruction and fighting monsters smooth rhythm difficult to balance.

“Assassin’s Creed: The Odyssey” (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey)

“Assassin’s Creed: The Odyssey” (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) is developed by Ubisoft action-playing game, it is “Assassin’s Creed” eleventh works, but also the game “Assassin’s Creed: Origins,” the sequel. The game screen fine, travel simulator can be described as ancient Greece, you can see a lot of aspects of the spectacularly beautiful scenery and historical sites in Greece, the resolution of the game screen, special effects details, textures and so on have reached the top level masterpiece.

The game is set in 431 BC, about the history of the Peloponnesian War between the ancient Greek city-states. The player plays a mercenary, may be added to the Delian League led by Athens or Sparta in the Peloponnesian League led.

The map map is very large, the task is very much, the main line flow is about 60-80 hours, the main line and all branch tasks are a total of nearly 200 hours. However, the shortcomings of “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” are also very obvious. The main line task of the game does not mean, the branch task is one thousand articles, repeat and boring.


“Wolf: SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice” is a soul action game made by from Software, players will control a ninja, save his owner – own Japanese aristocratic blood Dacon, and revenge to his natural enemy. The difficulty of the wolf can be said to be very large, although there is only one difficult mode in the game, but the difficulty can be compared to the highest difficulty of other games.

In addition to these classic games, other nice games, I also recommend some, for example: Longteng Century: Judgment, Dark Soul, Elder Scroll 5, Devil May Cry 5, Shenjie, Horse Riding and Chicken 2, Death Stranding , Such as Dragon 0, control, watchdog, goddess, final fantasy, ancient tomb, Persian, etc.

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