The Steam account rescue is changed to three months

On June 24th, Steamdb officially announced that the frequency of the Steam account change area will be restricted. Steamdb is said to: In order to further hit people who purchase games in the cheap area, V Social will change the frequency of the country where the STEAM account is located. Added restrictions. Every three months can be replaced once and can only purchase games with the current payment method.

It is reported that in the game player, it has been circulating “changing to a cheaper area” to buy games, such as Russian District, Argentine District and other game prices are relatively low in China.

However, there are netizens found that the STEAM account of the Argentine District was restored to the China District. The Argentine peso of the account in the account was also automatically converted to the renminbi. Then, the online will start to post this thing, then everyone discovered, this Not an example, and some netizens from abroad reflect the STEAM store location is changed. This is a large-scale repatriation of all the “spiritual Argentine” in the world. This affected Steam player is very large, a large number of netizens spits in the forum.

In order to maximize the profit, V-society has done the management of game prices to all countries in the world, and the economy of Switzerland is relatively developed, and the people’s consumption is high, and the game pricing is often the highest, and Argentina, Russia and other countries. Because the economy is poor, the game price is cheaper than other areas, although the price is different, but the game is the same, and the Chinese area originally the low-cost area, the price of the game in recent years is increasingly High, two-phase contrast, players are difficult to do.

For example, the biochemical crisis 7 This game, China’s price is 46 yuan, but the price of Argentina is only 11.73 yuan, which is the lowest in all countries, and the price of China is four times. In addition to this game, the game on other Steams, the price of China has no competitiveness, the same game, the price of Argentina is lower than the quarter of China. And, the prices in countries in Turkey, Russia, and the country are also lower than in China.

The same money, you can purchase four games in the Argentine district, can only purchase one in China, many players can also be understood. In fact, the per capita GDP and China of Argentina are not bad, and such a big price difference is also unreasonable. If the game is priced in accordance with how much per capita GDP, it will be at least reasonable.