The RSA encryption system has been clicked to learn the big cow

Recently, German Cipher Claus Peter Schnorr was uploaded in the pre-printed website called himself to crack the RSA encryption system.

This matter causes widespread concern in the cryptography and quantum password. Professor Valley, Dean, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said on March 4, said that this news was very surprised yesterday. “If it is true, this result is very important and will have a security impact on some applications. We are analyzing this article, there is no conclusion.”

RSA is the encryption algorithm proposed by Ron Ron Rudest, Adi Shamir and Lenard ADLEMAN. This algorithm utilizes the characteristics of a large number of difficult to decomposes, because the intensity of demarcies is broken down, so the password is difficult to crack. If you want to crack your password, you need to spend a lot of time for a long time.

Claus Peter Schnol is a professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Frankfurt University, Germany, well-known mathematicians and cryptographers, and Schnorr signature algorithm is named with his name. Schnol was born in 1943, is 78 years old.

The above “cracking RSA encryption system” is not officially published. Another domestic cipher said that some scholars have found some vulnerabilities in the paper. The conclusions of the papers are very difficult, and it may not be too reliable. (Swar) is old. “

Currently, many areas of information security require a large number of RSA asymmetric encryption algorithms. In October 2020, PETER SHOR I was asked when accepting “Natural” magazine interviews, “Even in the quantum era (after the quantum password ‘) in the quantum computer (after the quantum password’) ? “

In this regard, Peter Shor believes that there is already a post-quantum password system that can replace RSA. “RSA is not a current big problem, and now the big problem is that there are other ways to destroy network security, such as malicious programming software, viruses, not to send information about the absolute honest party. I think the post-quantum cryptographic system after security The only obstruction of RSA is will and programming time. “