The jailbreak team deninked the money and stop working with Tai Chi

Today, Jailbreak Team Evad3RS issued a statement in its official website, officially announced the termination of the Territory of Taiji Assistant, and transfers the Taiji Assistant in the new jailbreak software installation package, and the jailbreak team also denied the payment of the Taiji Assistant and said No source code is given to the Tai Chi Assistant.

For a rumors about the Taiji Assistant Collect Private Privacy Information, EVAD3RS indicates that the code has been reversed in the code of the Taiji Assistant, and it is found that the Taiji Assistant is just similar to Cydia to transmit the unique device monetarian, and does not send any user’s privacy information.

For piracy, EVAD3RS said that their written and verbal agreements with Taiji have banned piracy software. Tai Chi has also guaranteed that there will be no piracy. Evad3rs have roughly check the Taiji app store, and did not find pirated, however, after investigation, Feedback from community means that Tai Chi assistant does include piracy software, such as Apple App Store applications, the damage caused by software developers and jailbreak communities is too deep, even if pirated software is also unable to cooperate with them, Evad3rs Therefore, the cooperation with the Taiji Assistant has been terminated, and the practice of the Taiji Assistant released a crack version of the jailbreak software on its own website is very disappointing, said that there is no source code for jailbreak software to Tai Chi.

For issues that are collecting money, Evad3rs said that they did not charge money from any organization, including Tai Chi assistants, and the future will not charge any money, and the contributions given by others are used to protect the legitimate rights and interests of jailbreak users. At the same time, the jailbreak team will continue to provide jailbreak tools to the society.