Subsequent Chinese Academy of Sciences “Mulan”: The post is not promoted within five years.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Computational Technology Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Calculation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences) issued an investigation and handling of “Mulan” language issues. According to the “Mulan” language team, Liu Lei has a “Chinese Academy of Sciences on the Interim Measures for the Interim Measures for the Investigation and Treatment of Innotations in Scientific Research” in the Propaganda Campaign. There is a deceivement in the unit.

The comment decision is processed by Liu Lei: cancellation of application qualifications for promotion within five years; cancellation of application qualifications for scientific research projects within three years; all-in-one coverage criticism; post grade from engineers level to assistant engineers level.

Previously, according to many media reports such as China News Network, the Chinese Academy of Sciences calculates the official key laboratory compilation technology team of the computer architecture on January 15th, and “Magnolia” in the new generation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. The programming language system, and launches “Magnolia” open source software package for free downloads for free on the world.

However, the online disputes were then disputed, “Mulan” was actually “changing Python” and was questioned. On January 19th, the relevant statement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences calculates that this behavior has a decision of scratching and false statements, and the decision of the parties will have an in-depth investigation of this issue.

The survey and handling of this release showed that Liu Lei was a position for employees and engineers in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and also the head of Zhongke Zhiji Company, led the team to develop “Mulan” language for teen programming education. The statement of “Liu Lei, deputy researcher” appeared in publicity does not match it.

According to the view, “Mulan” language is divided into two versions of the front and rear, the team defines the language norms, develops compilers, bytecodes specification, and virtual machines, open source block-based blockly developed visual programming environments, for primary and secondary school adolescent programming education Some in-depth work is carried out, and the work is more complete. However, the media claims that “complete independent design” has exaggerated components; claiming that “Mulan” is “complete independent design, development and implementation programming language” belonging to false statements; claiming “Mulan is positioned as the next generation of important application network applications development language” The lack of support for application cases; claiming “Mulan” language adopts the elastic actor implementation model, using data sparse improvement efficiency technology is false statement.

The opinions also pointed out that “Liu Lei is a propaganda material of the media, and the approval materials submitted to the propaganda supervisor have serious inconsistency, which is a deceived behavior.”