Some think about the product

This article will discuss the topic of this is to start with a wide range of Internet products, the author will do the essential description as much as possible, starting from point-to-point product advantages, and ultimately talking about excellence products and even the ultimate product. Elements.

Start the body.

Excellent products are constantly improving:

In daily life, whether it is a PC terminal or a smart machine, a few days, users will find a lot of software / APPs that need to be upgraded. Let’s talk about this first. The current software manufacturers pay attention to efficiency, often separating the Beta version of the software in Sancha, but software substantive changes generally will generally be great. Then they do so repeatedly, what kind of intentions are there, and we will solve this problem.

In general, there is a great advantage of updating the version of the software, from the three aspects of products, users, and marketing methods.

For products:

The user experience that the user is not optimized in time when the user uses software, and it will be improved in the next release in the next release. The products have been changing, which is always optimized, so it is definitely constant in performance.

For users:

From a user’s perspective, constantly pushing new strategies seem to make client software more closer to themselves, improve some viscosity. As long as each new time is added, the user’s contact software is added, and the user’s habits will be gradually cultivated, and the user naturally remembers the use of the software when needed. Moreover, due to the continuous update of the software, the user’s sensation is constantly increasing, and the software is constantly improving. Every time, the function of telling the user software is constantly strengthening in the subconscious. As a result, the product is constantly updating the product is gradually strengthening the performance of the product in the user’s brain. This is the “trick” of the product manager.

For marketing methods:

From the perspective of marketing, the more the number of users repeatedly contact the software, the location of the product will become more and more, which will gradually improve the brand effect. Over time, functionality will have a wonderful connection with the product itself. For example: safety and 360 generate peer, chat with QQ is equal. It is the most desirable result of software vendors to produce peers.

Excellent products need to have “Fan]:

The above, I analyzed a number of benefits of continuously updating the product, and I found that these methods can be optimized, or the products can gradually achieve excellence, but such operational techniques can really create excellent products?

I think that excellent and excellence, cross a hurdle, which exists in the defects of product thinking. Obviously, the above practices are not largely conforming to the style of Apple from the whole. Point-by-point optimization, with others, spelling the hardware performance, is not an apple. Apple has always been specially alone, insisting on doing hardware and software integration, seemingly closed mechanisms have made the company once achieved the world’s first situation. It is improving according to the needs of users, and it is perfect, and it may make a product with high-level and experience, but in general, it is difficult to make the ultimate product, because the user’s thinking can only make the product more It is easy to use, as for the design and style of product soul, this is not the range of users need. Users are just a user, they will have a general feeling when using the product, it is still not easy to use; can also be refined to a point, will take the amount of not easy to use, do not meet your usage habits; but if It is probably impossible for how users sit down and consider how to make a significant innovation. The best product must have a unique soul as booting, forming an overall concept, which is an essential difference with the products that are step by step by step by step by year.

In summary, only creation and accumulation can produce so-called excellent products. The creation refers to innovative changes, and accumulates that it is to fully optimize the product itself. So, I don’t need operation and optimization here. I don’t need operation and optimization. The view I want to express is that there are more and more products on the market. Everyone is fighting for a road, and it is really good when I started. It will also be recognized, but time is long, when each product manager begins such a action, it is close to the end of this road.

In fact, let’s talk, the excellent product is finally returned to the excellent product manager, not just the frame-style dogma, the accumulation of the dogma will never practice outstanding products.