Six class SaaS applications worthy of attention in the future

The Internet has no need to diaspate the importance of enterprises, and companies have developed from “Informatization” to “Internetization”. At present, SaaS services are still relatively limited in Middle Age, the overall share of the enterprise software market, but SaaS will become the main development direction of enterprise services has become industry consensus. Compared to traditional enterprise software selling models, SaaS enterprise service model has the following advantages: First, operation and maintenance is simple and easy, save a large amount of manpower cost, ROI is high, and become a key factor in enterprise consideration; second, operation It is easy to get started, and the usage rate will be greatly improved for employees who have fully cultivated through the Internet; In the future, in many applications, the value of SaaS will be greater.

Sales automation direction CRM

This is still the most common demand classification. In the 2014 China SaaS Enterprise Service Platform Market, the sales of CRM enterprises market size is 31%. For enterprises, sales and expansion of new customers are the driving force for business revenue growth, so Enterprises attach great importance to CRM, and the field is also invested more, so the market is relatively high. However, although the number of manufacturers of this door class has a large number of manufacturers, most products are prematurely, and the interaction design is behind the demand requirements, and the mobile is supported. Many product customers are not enough, so they do not strengthen the product through a large number of enterprises. The market still needs a simple and easy-to-use, intact, and has a CRM supported by native mobile applications.

Data protection class

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, the problem is not on how to perform data protection, but is on the definition of data. In fact, whether it is the document on the employee computer, the image uploaded by the website, or some important account passwords, etc., can be considered data, and there should be relatively sound protection mechanisms. In addition, more and more data storage is moving to the cloud backup, the cloud backup, cloud storage field SaaS applications, with its low cost, high efficiency, etc., is becoming an emerging representative of the cloud computing industry. The cloud data protection provided with multiple backups is as an example, and the process storage cost of 1G is required to pay only the cost of 1 yuan, and there is no need for special system upgrade, and the cost of maintaining personnel.

Customer Helpdesk

The Internet has become the most important link between consumers and vendors, but the increase in customer feedback channel has brought a larger IT challenge. In the past, only large enterprises realized customer service informationization through the docking of call center software and business systems, but now SMEs have a growing demand. These systems should be able to help companies pay customers feedback from email, social media, online forms, or online chats, help to record phone logs, mature products should also be docked with the business system through the API implementation. Advanced products can also realize the automatic identification of user identity, the construction of customer service knowledge base, and the docking of customer service systems.

human resource Management

SMEs with more than 100 people often have only 1-2 people’s specialists, and the basic HR workload of such a business will be carried out (including recruitment, entry, deputy, attendance and salary) is still very large. of. Many business owners are not willing to put too many manual work in the basic administrative work, then IT is needed to help. Due to the unique national conditions of China, this administrative and personnel information basic management system only has the possibility of local design and service. Coupled with the social insurance system of every province in China, the social insurance system of the city is slightly different. This requires software to provide adequate elasticity in terms of wage accounting tools to complete the HR department of human hand to complete within 3-5 working days. Accurate and comprehensive wage accounting. In addition to the basic HR information system, a slightly larger company has the needs of performance evaluation software.

Project Management

Some products’ task centers have realized basic project management elements. However, in a specific industry (such as construction, software engineering, etc.), has higher requirements for project management, including solving the pre-sequence task after the task decomposition, realizing the rendering of the Gantt chart, complete the resources and working hours required by the task, record The actual work of the task is implemented. In this category, you still have fewer viewing SaaS products available.

Communication (Communication)

The pain points of the business news are concentrated in realizing high quality audio and video conferencing using computer networks. With the advancement of bandwidth resources and browsers, the communication service era of achieving more friendly experiences is coming. Especially the WEBRTC protocol that Google Open Source will have a very smooth cross-browser and device communication, and users will not need Flash or other special plug-ins, and can achieve higher quality audio and video conferencing at the same bandwidth. Of course, these communication applications require a very close integration of the basic collaboration platform, making the process of initiating and participating in the conference easier.