Release Twitter by RSS

Here is a simple method, as long as a website or blog is issued in China (within 140 words), it can automatically synchronize to the tweet, the principle published is automatically released through the RSS of the blog article.

We know that blogs generally have an RSS function, generally can be found in the source code of the blog (find

Blogs usually buy a domestic host space, then built a WordPress blog, it is suspected that you can register a free blog in China, such as Sina blog, but publishing may have sensitive word filtering.

After the blog is established, find the RSS address of the blog, then access the Google’s feedburner, register an account, or use your own Google account to log in, create a feedburner’s feed, bind your own blog’s RSS address, in My feeds – Publicize – Socialize, click Add A Twitter Account, then bound Twitter account, in the following settings, choose Include Link when selecting the format, so that you will release an article in the blog, wait for a while (about an hour or a few hours) Automatically synchronize to the tweet, and the source is still tall Google.

The shortcomings of this way, Feedburner is not high in Google, it is not allowed to go to Google, the short link used by Feedburner has confirmed on March 30, 2019 closed, information release is not real-time release To wait for 1 or 2 hours, you can only send a text, you can’t send a picture, you can’t see someone to reply, you can’t use other twitter features, you cannot confirm whether you have successful, you can’t post too much information (for example, 8 or more).

This way, the advantages of posting, completely thoroughly change your time and IP address, through the WordPress timing release article function, you can fake the time to publish the pusher, in addition to this, you can also achieve it. Twitter can avoid the “international networking of illegal channels”. In case someone accuses you twice on the wall, you can use this to respond.