No video website is uploaded using Flash P2P

As we all know, China’s Internet situation, there are still a large number of people living on the ADSL lines of the two old gangsters, Telecom/Netcom. At present, the download speed of 4m ADSL of China Telecom is basically 400k/s and the upload speed of 50k/s (I won’t say BPS here, just the download speed you can see). Due to the asymmetric speed technology of ADSL, if you fill up these 50K when uploading, the basic download bandwidth is not usable. Imagine ADSL as a water pipe and the water flow can be controlled at will. This water pipe is used for both water and sewer. If 90% of the diameter of the pipe is used for water, only 10% of the pipe can be used for water. An example of the application of p>

is that you are passing a large file to a friend with QQ. If the display speed is 50K or above, then you will feel card whether you are downloading, watching videos or even opening web pages. (Fiber optics won’t do that, unlike ADSL theory, whether your home is ADSL or Fiber optics depends on whether there is a phone line on your cat/route)

But it won’t cause us much trouble in normal usage or for people who know a little about computers. We try not to open other websites when we transfer files. We set the upload speed to 10K when using Thunder download. We don’t use P2P software like PPS, PPlive, Tencent Video when watching videos, but use Flash online instead. If you do all this, you won’t be able to live any more, you’ll just have to live a bit harder.

But one day, perhaps the heat and dryness of the afternoon made a small group of people decide to start hooliganism. Adobe has developed P2P technology on Flash, its own signature junk software. It is said that it cannot be overwhelmed by all aspects. In fact, it is estimated that this is the request made by several rogue video companies in China. They must feel that the position of paying a high monthly bandwidth fee is better than playing a rogue with their own bandwidth to earn advertising fees. So in the case of rape, Adobe opened a new version of Flash download that supports P2P technology. Youku Sohu Qiyi has forced netizens to watch advertisements to earn advertising fees, and pinched the netizens’ADSL pipe to make them happy.

So one month in the dark and windy night, a grass-rooter you found, Ouch? How come all of a sudden the network that used to see no card in Ultra HD starts to card? So you start to find out why you are not on Thunder or off the donkey. After a lap you find that you are all off. The traffic monitoring software shows that the browser is uploading madly, which is beyond the ordinary people’s understanding. If you listen to a person with some computer knowledge, he will not believe Flash can upload P2P. Want to know that you know both telecommunications and ADSL. You usually look at your poor 50K upload bandwidth like a baby. You can’t let others occupy it at any time. Any software that can control the upload bandwidth is not needed. Suddenly you get a big mouth on your face. You grass-roots think you can watch the video for free after watching several dozens of seconds of advertisements? You must upload it to me, and it must cover up to 50K of you. You’re stuck without telling me.

So, you’re crazy, crazy from Baidu, Google search can not upload videos and can watch them smoothly. But all of a sudden, on the 45th floor of a mournful scream, I saw a God-inspired writing on all kinds of BBS. Is there no setting in Flash? You thank the shudder for turning on the Flash Global Settings and finding ¡° Prevent all sites from using Peer-to-Peer Assistance Network¡± This obscure option to turn off P2P uploads is a roar to the sky or an Adobe road. After setting up, open a Ultra-HD video and watch the upload still 50k/s, you spit, swallow, spit, roll up your sleeves, wave your little arm and shout, Adobe, you scoundrel!

After 2 months of such persistent Baidu Google, I finally found a magical thing. Adobe left a door for the law. Please allow me to guess like this about a rogue company, which (and allow me to cover it with treasure) left an MMS that only programmers would use. CFG file, which controls all Flash settings, downloaded the English version of ¡° Flash Administrator Manual¡±, Found the command RTMFPP2PDisable=1 that I dream of. Adobe is indeed a large international company, deceiving the masses and not forgetting to abide by the law. If you are forced to upload it, it can take out this command to tell you that it is not I won’t let you set it up, but you can’t find it yourself. Shivering, I’m in mms. This command is written in cfg.

The following command statements block Flash P2P uploads.

echo RTMFPP2PDisable=1 >& Gt;% Windir%system32MacromedFlashmms. Cfg

echo RTMFPP2PDisable=1 >& Gt;% Windir%syswow64MacromedFlashmms. Cfg

echo RTMFPP2PDisable=1 >& Gt;% Windir%system32mms. Cfg

About how to test if your upload is turned off?

1, keep your bandwidth at 0, turn on the traffic monitoring software, upload and download should be less than 1k/s.

2, start a video on Youku homepage, the hotter the better, the better variety. Change to Ultra Clean mode.

3, watch your browser traffic

4, see more than 3 minutes, if your upload speed stays below 1K as I do, congratulations, you’ve made the world a little better. This kind of anti-hooliganism, though a little bit, may save more people from being hooligans.