Netease has a dictionary released 2019 hot word

On the first day of 2020, Netease has a dictionary published a ten hot word in 2019. According to the user’s query, the hot word of the maximum number of queues in 2019 is VLOG. The word in Netease has more than 17.26 million, and compared with 2018, users have increased VLOG querification. Nearly 47 times.

In 2019, the hot word Vlog is a blog. Its full name is Video WebLog or Video Blog (video blog or video network log), is a personal log for a video or picture. Vlog is more known by the public is a “short video” record form, which can become a new year’s hot search, which shows that the Vlog has gradually become them after the young generation of Internet users 95 or even, Vlog has gradually become them. Record the most important way of life, express personality, and 2019 is also recognized as a short video of VLOG. As a new type of Internet content propagation, Vlog also carries a trend in the form of a user recorded life, behind the netizens, a lifestyle that records the content of life and even philosophy of life.

In addition to the word VLOG, Netease has a dictionary published the words of the four queries, such as “Garbage Classification”, “PUA (Master of Love, Download to the Heterogeneity)”, “this year’s popular event The resulting vocabulary is in it. The following is the 2019 hot word list that Netease has a dictionary:

VLOG video blog

2. Garbage Classification Garbage classification

3. Brexit UK Deutsche

4. Punchline Key sentence

5. Notre-Dame de Paris Paris Notre Dame

6. Hardcore hard core

7. Black Hole Black Cave

8. AirPods wireless headset

9. Hybrid Rice hybrid rice

10. PUA “Master of Love”

As a domestic family-known Internet checker and learning application, as of the end of December 2019, NetEase had a dictionary of users reached 800 million. Since 2012, Netease has a dictionary of the Dictionary of the NetEase to launch an annual hot word list for eight consecutive years. Unlike the annual vocabulary of the Oxford Dictionary, Wei Shi Dictionary, etc. Topics and views interested in everyday life of China Internet users.