Microsoft OneDrive can’t access

A large number of netizens feedback, Microsoft Cloud storage service OneDrive has not been able to access from China yesterday, Microsoft has just improved the security of OneDrive yesterday, using a secure transport layer protocol to protect user data to prevent monitoring by hackers and government.

Although OneDrive enables encryption technology to ensure that data transmission between OneDrive and local clients is encrypted, the attacker is more difficult to decrypt the connection between the client and Microsoft, but it can’t stop the DNS attack, and easily block the OneDrive service through DNS pollution. The solution is simple, and the “DNSCrypt Solving DNS Pollution Problem” installed with DNSCrypt software can use cloud storage software using the DNSCRYPT.

The following picture shows the result of ping oneDrive before and using DNSCrypt, from the screenshot, before the DNSCrypt, oneDrive is attacked by the DNS, the domain name is resolved to a Korean unacceptable IP address, enabling DNSCrypt, OneDrive IP Analysis is normal.

In the past two days, I just didn’t be able to visit ondrive on one day. I didn’t have access to Microsoft OneDrive. When I was tested Microsoft OneDrive, I feel too few functions. The name of the target folder can’t be modified. Download Upload speed is also very slow, but stable OK, at least upload download has not been wrong. The most unacceptable thing is that there is no file history version of the file. My OneDrive capacity is 28g, which is slightly higher than Dropbox.

OneDrive is formerly known as SkyDrive, which is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft, supports more than 100 languages ??and a variety of hardware platforms. OneDrive supports desktop Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows Vista / 7/8) and Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and supports iOS, Windows Phone, Android, etc. on mobile devices. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have no need to install because there is already built-in OneDrive.