Knowledge management skills based on documentation and documentation

How to save and manage knowledge is a very important issue for personal knowledge management. One of the largest carriers is a file. Many people downloaded the data files, but most of them have never opened, or don’t know where to put it, this kind of knowledge is no value for individuals.

In most people’s computers, “desktop”, “My Documents”, “Download” and other catalogs are unrecognized, which greatly affects personal work efficiency, more file preserves, and can’t find it, If there are multiple working computers (such as the company’s desktop, desktop computer, laptop), the degree of confusion of file management will double.

Here is some ideas and methods based on file-based personal knowledge management: Standardize catalog naming and file naming, using cloud storage software to synchronize multiple computer documents, all documents are managed in different folders in different folders, through Everything Software for quick file search.

Software selection

Document Search Select Everything, this software can be described as a Windows file search artifact, and hundreds of kits will have the result of the search file to almost enter the search content. As long as the orders are archived, the file name is standardized, it can be efficiently Search the required file.

Cloud storage software options, domestic software has nut cloud, micro cloud, foreign software with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc., you can choose a suitable use. If there is only one computer, there is no synchronization file, do not use cloud storage software It is also possible.

Directory classification

The catalog classification suggested Mutual Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive, which is the Mutual Exclusive Collective Exhaustive, which means “independence, completeness” is a classification of the McKinsey Consultant Barbara Hright in “Pyramid Principle”.

The MECE principle ensures that the classification results are not missing, not overlap. The so-called unexpected, non-overlapping means that the partial part of the division must be guaranteed to meet the following requirements when dividing some of the overall partial partial partial part.

Each part is independent of each other; all parts are completely exhausted.

Classification of files in accordance with documentation is a better classification method. The category directory is as follows:

The file that is writing, modifying, or processing is stored in the “TODO) folder, belonging to the file currently being processed, all draft files can be placed in this directory.

The content of “My Documents” is a picture, music, video file, and “to be sorted” document that has been completed, or those who don’t know what to put, they will be temporarily put in “My Documents”. inside.

Archive (Archive) Saves historical documents in previous years, archive documents are usually read-only, not modified. Classify all completed documents by detailed classification, you can classify according to the type of item, or by the project classification. Here mainly stores low usage frequencies, but valuable files.

The “Resource” is stored in the online download document. These documents are not your own document, such as other people write document materials, etc.

Standard Some software programs or installer in the “Software” directory, do not put some big files, usually I only put small files below 10m.

The “shared” directory stores the document shared to others.

In this way, the process of document processing is that the document being written is placed in the “Office” folder, written and modified, becomes the submission to the “Archive Document” classification folder, if you can’t think of category for a moment, You can put it in “My Document”, every other time, the unclassified document in “My Document” is classified, and it is organized to “Archive Document”.

Document naming specification

Everything search is mainly searching for the file name keyword, so the file naming specification is important and directly affects the file search efficiency.

The name rules of the file name include: project _ tag _ detailed document title _ version _ date, etc., this can be searched by multiple dimensions. Although the filename is subject to some, it is very important for future high efficiency search.

form good habit

You must name it according to your named rules; I would rather naming more spent some time, and don’t lazy.For downloading other people’s files, the file is renamed, don’t make a picture, so that you will bring your endless trouble tomorrow.Document timing cleanup, classify, archive; it is recommended that each project is filed, and the item is filed directly, and it is directly deleted.

After the above operation, you can create an automatic synchronous work platform and knowledge platform with documentation and document as the core. Regardless of at home, in the company, it is still in the company, as long as you can go online, install a cloud storage software and everything can be generated.A work platform, you can edit the latest working documentation, quickly search history documents, and improve work efficiency.