iPhone Mobile Security Guide

Summary: iPhone Mobile Security Guide – 1, iPhone unlocks use fingerprint; 2. Enable “Find My iPhone” function; 3. Apple ID Enable two-step verification; 4. Modify SIM card PIN code. 5, after the iPhone is stolen or lost, log in to iCloud Enable “Lost Mode”, and the SIM card is lost, and the phone is removed from the Apple ID.

iPhone is a mobile phone in the market, so it has also become the preferred goal of many small peeks, then what should IPhone lose or stolen? As an iPhone user, we must pay attention to preventing mobile phones from being stolen in our daily life, but also learn some techniques, to maximize the disclosure of personal information after the iPhone is lost.

At present, there are more and more applications on smartphones, there are many key applications related to financial services, such as Alipay, online banking, dynamic token, email, etc., once the iPhone is stolen, users’ online banking, email and Alipay, etc. Faced with huge risks, users may lose more property, so even if they can’t retrieve their mobile phones, the lowest limit should also prevent others from viewing the content of the mobile phone, prevent others from using mobile communication services. The following listings are listed in the most important security guidelines for IPHONE.

1, iPhone unlocks use fingerprint

By locking the screen password, you need to enter a password each time you open the screen. If there is no password, you can’t get information on your phone, thereby ensuring the security of your mobile phone information.

Before the fingerprint unlock function, the phone is usually unlocked using a digital password or a graphics password. If it is often used, it is very troublesome. According to statistics, most users give up safety, do not set the password lock screen function for convenience. .

As the iPhone fingerprint is unlocked, as long as the finger is placed on the HOME button, the simple one-step screen is immediately unlocked, and the unlock screen is very easy and simple, this is convenient and safe, two full-to-American mobile phone protection scheme.

Fingerprint is a personal authentication tool. Although everyone has fingerprint, it is different. It is said that there have been some people who have not found exactly that two fingerprints have been found. As the age is growing, the pattern of fingerprint does not change. Therefore, it is ideal for using fingerprint as authentication.

iPhone sets the specific method of the fingerprint password is to enter the iPhone “setting”, then find it, and click the “Touch ID and Password” setting, click “Add Fingerprint” to start adding. iPhone supports up to 5 fingerprints, you can enter your own relatives at the same time, after the fingerprint information is successfully entered, the ITUNES STOR is installed to install the fingerprint identification to the App Store.

2, enable find my iPhone function

“Finding my iPhone” function is a case in which the iPhone is missing. It is very useful. This feature can locate your iPhone on the satellite map, and can remotely send messages remotely, remotely lock or remotely erase the information information inside the iPhone. It is possible to remotely send the sound to the iPhone, even if you can’t find the lost iPhone, you can also delete the privacy information in the iPhone to minimize the loss.

“Find my iPhone” specific method is to open the location service in Setting – Privacy – Location Services, then select “Find my iPhone” and open it. In “Set-IPOD”, open “Find My iPhone”.

After the setting is complete, if the user’s mobile phone is lost, you can use the computer to log in to the iCloud website or open “Find My iPhone” app on another mobile device. Click “Find my iPhone”, you can find the iPhone mobile phone location, And display this location on the map, because China Map Policy issues, currently only the satellite map is not offset, then click “Lost Mode”, if your phone does not set the lock screen password before, click Lost mode, will prompt You set your password, then enter the information used to contact the backup phone number, then enter the lost iPhone, then click Finish.

At this time, the lost iPhone will be locked remotely and display the information of the owner setting. In addition to the number of settings, what else can not do, you need to enter the apple account, lock the screen password to unlock. If others enter the DFU brush, reinstall the system, after the installation end restart iPhone, the device must be connected to the Apple server to activate. If the brush is previously enabled “Find My iPhone” function, the Apple server requires the previous Apple ID. In order to activate the device, the account used can only be first activated the Apple ID account of the device, and other accounts cannot be used. 3, Apple ID Enable two-step verification

Apple account (Apple ID) and password are very important, logging in to the App Store to purchase application, entering iCloud (Apple Equipment Cloud Backup) management photos, videos, and contacts are inseparable from it. Once others know the user’s Apple ID and password, in addition to the account funds, ICLOUD backup data leaks, the Apple device bonded by the user will face the risk of malicious locking, so two steps are enabled for Apple ID Verification can avoid such a bad situation.

Apple ID Two-step authentication is a more conducive to account security, after opening the service, log in to the Apple ID from a third-party device or browser, or modify the password, etc., it needs to be verified, which will give The confirmation device you set will send a verification code, which is equivalent to a dynamic password to achieve the purpose of safeguarding the account security.

“Two-step verification” service greatly increases the security of Apple ID, but users need to save recovery keys, Apple will set up account passwords, trusted equipment, and recovery keys, must have two to do it. Normal verification. That is, when you have forgotten your account password, you must have a trusted device and recovery key to log in and reset your password. If you don’t have trusted devices or forget the recovery key, then there is no way to log in to the account. This also eliminates the possibility of logging in the hacking of the club directly by means of the club. In view of this, all users who open two-step verification must keep three security features, especially the recovery key.

4, modify SIM card PIN code

The SIM card is the user identification card, which is a personal data card for the phone. SIM cards are often used to store users’ phone numbers, security data, communication fees, and data that allows operators to determine whether users are their company’s customers. When users replace new phones, you can insert the original SIM card of the old mobile phone to continue to enjoy the previous mobile phone services.

The Personal Identification Number PIN is mainly used to protect the security and privacy of the SIM card. When the phone is restarted, or after plugging SIM card, you need to enter the most correct SIM card PIN code to use the SIM card. Communication function (call, send and receive SMS, etc.), when the input three times fail, the SIM card will be locked, and the PERSONAL UNLOCK KEY personal unlock code is required to unlock, and the PUK code has 10 input opportunities. After the error is 10 times, the SIM card will automatically start the self-destruction process so that the SIM card will fail.

Modify the step of setting the SIM card PIN code: Set the phone – SIM card PIN code, enable it. Modify the PIN code to enter the original PIN code, the default PIN code of the SIM card is 0000 or 1234, if not right, can be lost 3 times, use the PUK code to force the PIN code.

The PUK code consists of 8 digits, which is unable to change. Some SIM card PUK codes are attached to the card when purchasing cards, usually behind the card sets, or you can log in to the operator’s online business hall, which usually provides the Query PUK code. If you can’t find it, you can also call the service hotline of the operator of the SIM card, and customer service staff can also provide services for the PUK code.

The PIN of the SIM card effectively prevents the case of the SIM card, and the normal communication of the user has been reliable. After setting up the PIN, when the user’s mobile phone is lost, others can’t insert another mobile phone by removing the SIM card into another mobile phone, call, send and receive SMS, etc.). If there is no PIN code, the previously set Apple ID can be acquired by SMS, causing two step validation of the user Apple ID.

5, the iPhone is stolen or lost

Log in to iCloud Enable “Lost Mode”, the lost iPhone will be remotely locked. If you enter the DFU brush, you also need to use the previous Apple ID to activate the device.In the Apple ID two-step verification setting, the phone is removed from the trusted list to prevent third parties from obtaining two-step verification code through the phone.

Call the mobile operator’s lost or downtime SIM card to prevent SIM cards from attacking methods.

All fishing SMS and emails received after I’ve neglected.

All in all, after these steps, your iPhone mobile phone security will be greatly improved, even if the mobile phone is lost, the possibility of personal privacy or property stolen will be significantly reduced.