iPhone business application

The iPhone has become one of the world’s most popular smartphones, but most people only notice the iPhone games and entertainment features, very small to pay attention to their business applications, in fact, iPhone is an excellent smartphone, there are many powerful Business application software, this article recommends several iPhone essential business applications.

Address Book Management


Camcard business card Almighty King is a professional business card recognition software that effectively helps business card management. CAMCARD can use the mobile phone comes with the camera to shoot business card images, quickly scan and read all contact information on the business card image, automatically discriminate the type of contact information, and save the phone book and business card center according to the mobile standard contact format, and the recognition rate is very high. Various information on the business cards (pictures) of the less complex background can basically reach all recognition.

Camcard can identify multi-language such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Free version can save 10 business cards in the first week, and 2 business cards will be saved next week. After registering and logging in, 30 business cards can be saved, and 3 business cards will be saved next week.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id349447615? MT = 8


Bump is an interesting and practical application, any of two intelligent terminals that have its intelligent terminals can be shared by “collision”.

Initially, Bump is just an application of a exchange business card. His feature is: As long as there is a network or 3G signal, two mobile phones touch, information can be delivered.

Today, BUMP has been greatly updated, support sharing photos, music, contacts, schedule activities; becoming friends of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin; compared to common friends, etc.

BUMP’s use is not limited to business, but it is the best business card software on the iPhone. What you have to do is open the program, holding a mobile phone, and then touch it on the screen, prepare “collision”. There is no shortage of other virtual address book applications on the market, but the operation of BUMP is too cool. Adding realistic information to your phone is really God’s pen, using BUMP has become a pleasure.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/Bump/id305479724? MT = 8

work together


Lightweight collaborative work software, teamwork members can use it to generate job tasks, assigned to other colleagues, and track work completion. Suitable for smaller teams.

As a play-style management application, Trello implements three main concepts: Board, used to place items related content; list (list), representing different phases of content; card (Card), representative Various work tasks.

And other project management systems are developers-centered, too complicated, lack of attractive for ordinary users. Trello is a variety of process design, which can be used as a company’s collaborative tool, or you can do personal list management tools.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/trello/id461504587? Mt = 8


Yammer is an enterprise social network service launched in September 2008, but as the function and application of the Yammer platform gradually increases, Yammer is no longer only a communication platform. These new applications include voting, chat, event, link, theme, question and answer, ideas, etc. It provides an Activity Feed to aggregate events in all enterprise applications, and users can also pay attention.

Yammer has more than 5 million certified enterprise users, including more than 85% of the company’s 500 companies. Yammer’s basic version is free, users can pay upgrade their networks to get senior management and security control, integration between enterprise applications, priority customer service, and the designated customer service. Yammer has raised approximately $ 14.2 billion in risk capital.

In June 2012, Microsoft’s acquisition of corporate social network service providers in $ 1.2 billion, means that Microsoft will provide business users with social network services similar to Facebook. This huge transaction is completed in cash. After the transaction is completed, Yammer will become part of the Microsoft’s desktop office software department. Microsoft also plans to speed up the functions and acceptance of Yammer and Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Skype and other services. These products will collaborate and become an important member of Microsoft Cloud service products. This transaction is a largest M & A transaction with the largest SkyPeration since Microsoft acquires Skype.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/yammer/id289559439? Mt = 8wunderlist

Wunderlist is a free lifting efficiency app. Application is basically a high-performance treatment application, allowing users to record notes, establish a project over the date of handling, and synchronize details on other platforms, including iOS, Windows and Linux.Wunderlist are the most useful free procedures for Mac app stores. .

Wunderlist is a planned task management app that enables cloud synchronization to synchronize the user’s task list to Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad to allow users to manage or share with others anytime, anywhere. In addition, there is also a release of push notifications, email reminders, mail task management, arbitrary add tasks and expiration time, add a note instructions, but also add stars symbols for a particularly important task.

Wunderlist’s basic operation is simple, you can create a new task, or you can use the necessary categories for the task, you can also use the star standard to distinguish. Take the iPhone version as an example, there is only a list, plus star, today’s task, have expired and more options, it is easy to get started.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/wunderlist/id406644151? Mt = 8

mobile office


QuickOffice payment application is a very powerful mobile office software, which can be easily viewed on the phone, edit the Word document, Excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint slides. You can edit the official document anytime, anywhere as the minimum vector of the mobile office, and the mail attachment received by the mobile phone is Office document, or you can open it at any time to view the editing.

QuickOffice has been acquired by Google.

Download address: https://itunes.apple.com/app/quickoffice-pro/ID310723177? MT = 8


Camscanner scan all-around king will turn your iPhone into a portable scanner. With Camscanner, users can use any paper documentation, such as invoices, contracts, notes, whiteboard discussions, etc., anytime, anywhere. Camscanner can ensure that the scanned content is clearly readable by intelligent accurate image cropping and image enhancement algorithms.

After scanning, the user can also edit the picture, and you can handle the picture with your heart, the system also supports a variety of cloud storage services, and users can easily upload and back up the files.

Version difference: Scan all-round king free version of the interface has an advertisement, the generated PDF has a watermark, the payment is not advert to and watermark. Wireless printing and search on the text on the image in the free version cannot be used in the free version.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/camscanner-free/id388627783? Mt = 8

Business social


Linkedin is a business customer-oriented social networking service website. The purpose of the website is to let registered users to maintain their contacts in business interaction and trust, which are called “CONNECTIONS). Users can invite people he know to become a human.

Linkedin’s CEO and founder Reid Hoffman previously executed Vice President of PayPal, once in Intuit Software as senior management positions. After selling it in EBAY, LINKEDIN was founded with some university students.

LinkedIN provides “efficient” and “safe” and “business value” social services: LinkedIn is highly efficient, and there is nothing to disturb the user’s information. Linkedin focuses on business functions, and provides payment services, which greatly reflects its ability to provide high quality business social services. Linkedin is a SNS tool that is very suitable for white-collar workers, especially companies with international business or freedom. Occupational.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/linkedin/id288429040? Mt = 8



The brain of the corporate manager often has inspiration flashes every moment, such as nuclear reactors. They are often touching bypass when reading documents or listening to speech. For them, a tool that can record voice, pictures, and text is extremely important, and Evernote is the best choice.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/evernote/id281796108? MT = 8 Business Management

Zoho CRM

ZOHO CRM provides a complete set of CRM solutions that use cloud services that make the CRM’s implementation is very simple.

main feature:

Automation: Automated business activities, thereby free from complicated data and puts more energy into sales.

Track business activities: Define and track business activities, get complete sales process information.

Keep contact with our customers: Create a contact with our customers and link the customer’s LinkedIn page in the CRM account.

Extended CRM: Integrate users’ CRM with other applications to get solutions for your business needs.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/zoho-crm/id444908810? Mt = 8

Online injection

Online inlet is a data analysis and information query mobile client specially provided for boss and business personnel. Let the boss master the business sales data to provide instant inventory, sales quotation reference for business people.

Online import storage based on Internet application mode, it is integrated, and it is integrated with purchase, sales, save and receipt payment management, helping enterprises to handle daily transfer management services and cost, gross profit, coordination Save the management business circulation process, save costs, improve efficiency, and then enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Through this financial software application, enterprise managers can make customer resources, sales, procurement, inventory inventory, and help corporate managers understand the business details of each department, find existence problems, avoid stock backlog, do Go to the fast market reaction.

Online imports are suitable for people: focus on purchasing, sales business, warehouse management, and funding management of SMEs. It is especially suitable for multi-branch companies, multi-warehouse management SMEs.

Download address: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id536075900? Mt = 8


Industry experts pointed out: “A good business mobile phone should help users can achieve fast and smooth communication, but also to complete business activities. Real business phones should be able to help business people in daily office treatment, there is a lot of excellent business applications in iPhone’s app store, making iPhone have the ability to be a business phone for business people.