iPhone 4S Optimization Guide

This article will introduce an optimization solution for iPhone 4S mobile phone installation of iOS 6 systems from three aspects of power saving optimization, storage space optimization, daily maintenance. The iPhone 4S optimization method described herein is also suitable for all iPhone mobile phones installed in IOS6, such as iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad, users’ iPhone, iPad do not need to jailbreak.

Electrical power optimization

What is the iPhone is good, it is the headache of the cost, the iPhone4S battery capacity is slightly improved by iPhone4, but iPhone4S users generally reflect the power consumption. In fact, after installing iOS 5 or iOS 6, the user will find that the mobile phone has a lot of electricity than the previous use of iOS 4, and the battery life has declined. The main reason is the new version of iOS iCloud, positioning service and automatic download. Features will cost a lot of electricity. In fact, as long as some parameters in the phone settings are adjusted, IOS 6 and iOS 4 can save power.

1) Location service

Typically, the power consumption of the mobile phone is: GPS (positioning)> 3g> Wi-Fi> Bluetooth, so the primary power saving setting is the positioning service setting.

Go to the iPhone “Settings” menu, select “Privacy” – “Location Service”, open the bottom “System Services”, close “Location IAD Advertising” and “Set Time Zone” and other functions, only reserved ” Honeycomb mobile network search “and” Compass Calibration “. As shown below.

“Privacy” – “Location Service” – “Find my iPhone”, select “Close”.

2) Internet service

3G and WiFi power saving settings are mainly to close some iOS automatic access.

“Settings” – “iCloud”, will be turned off, especially the “photo stream”, preventing the photo from automatically synchronizing the power.

Settings – “Mail, Communication, Calendar”, “Get New Data” is turned off.

“Settings” – “Notification”, in addition to the functionality of the system, and the application that does require push, other third-party application push notifications, can be closed.

“Settings” – “General” – “About this” – “Diagnostics & Dosage”, select “Do not send”, save the traffic to the app to Apple.

“Set” – “Wi-Fi”, close “Ask if you join the network.”

“Settings” – “Music”, the volume balance can be, but the equalizer is preferably shut down, compare the electricity, and the test is similar to the closure.

Storage space optimization

After you use the iPhone for a while, you find that the space that is “other” category in the device capacity displayed after ITUNEs will be more and more, many users don’t know what the space is unconditional, how to clear these documents White has taken up a valuable equipment storage space.

The files in “Other” are mostly the cache or temporary files generated by third-party applications. There are two ways to clean up: manual cleaning and automatic cleaning through software.

Manual cleaning methods need to be found for which applications are most consumable. In “Settings” – “General” – “Value”, the user can see all the storage space occupied by the app, as shown below, general video and microblogging, etc., long-term use will generate a large number of cache files, not occupying Less space, enter these applications one by one, and you can clear the cache or temporary file in the setting interface.

Another method is to clean up through third-party software, there is currently a software called PhoneClean, which can help us clear useless files on the iOS device, release the available space.

PhoneClean software is a team developed in Chengdu, China, but it is strange that the software interface and the company website are only in English. I don’t know what is, I am very simple in the interface of the software. The user’s operation will not use What is difficult. The files that PhoneClean can clear have four categories:

1. Temporary files generated at the APP operation;

2. Cache / Offline files (Apply images, icons, and media files);

3. Cookie and script files (some app access networks need to be used for browsing and login information files);

4. iTunes fails or unexpectedly terminates residual “other” files.

The method is also very simple: (Friendly Tips: For safety, it is recommended to use iTunes before performing a backup, so as not to delete a useful data)

Install and start phoneclean, use the USB cable to connect the iOS device and computer, phoneclean displays the already used / available space of the device, and let you choose the file category you want to clear, then click “Start Scan”, start scanning device clearable Document, the scan ends the result, select the file you want to clear and click “Start Clean” to clear the junk file.

I tested on my iPhone 4S, you can clear the storage space of 500M, and the effect is good.

Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of iPhone 4S is also more important. First, the iPhone does not require film. The film will affect the screen’s experience, and it is not recommended to add a shell. It will affect mobile phone heat dissipation. If you fell, you can add a protective cover that does not affect heat dissipation.

iPhone is used by built-in lithium batteries, battery replacement is also very troublesome, so there is a certain degree using iPhone charging.

1) Lithium battery should not wait until the power consumption is reproduced, which will speed up its loss, often charge the electric light, recharge the battery, and then charge the battery to longevity.

2) In addition to fear of low power, lithium batteries is too hot, especially when charging, therefore to avoid charging when iPhone is fever. The more typical example is the charger to play games, the game will make the iPhone phone heat, and the charging will not be conducive to extend the battery life.

The above is the optimization plan of IOS 6-based iPhone, which is based on the Moonlight blog. After the above optimization, it is believed that there will be longer to stand longer for your iPhone mobile phone, which makes its lifecycle more longer. If you need to optimize your iPhone 3GS on iOS4, please refer to this article.