iOS 7 power tips

In the early morning of September 19, IOS 7 was pushed to the global Apple user. iOS 7 is one of the most largest Apple mobile operating system versions for years, which can make full use of iPhone hardware processing capabilities. Apple has added a lot of new features in iOS 7, some of which may bring some pressure to the battery life. So how do you save power in iOS 7? Pocket-Lint has brought us some power-saving tips for iOS 7.

Close AirDrop

If you don’t plan to use the AirdroP function in iOS 7, it is best to turn it off because it will always look for compatible devices. AirdroP can be turned off at the control center.

Backstage application refreshes

Go to Settings> General> Background Application Refresh, you can decide which applications can refresh content in the background in Wi-Fi or mobile networks, or use location services. In addition to setting separate applications, you can also completely close this feature.

Reduce dynamic effect

IOS 7 added interesting parallax effects, when your mobile device, the wallpaper will slightly offset to create a 3D effect. But this may also affect the life, you can set up> General> Auxiliary features> Reduce the dynamic effect when it is turned off.

Close email push

If you don’t need to get push up when you receive the message, you can go to Settings> Mail, Address Book, Calendar> Get new data to close the push, then select the system to get the interval of mail information in the “Get” column, including Every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hour, or manual (that is, it is not automatically obtained). This setting saves a lot of power.

Brightness setting

The impact of the screen brightness is believed to know very well. You can enter the settings> Wall paper and brightness to adjust the screen brightness to medium, or open the automatic brightness adjustment. In addition, you can do these operations when the pull-up control center menu is completed.

Close all notifications for unnecessary applications

A variety of applications want to give you a notification reminder, but there are many of them, it will only make you feel annoying and exacerbated. So you can enter the settings> Notification Center turns off those unwanted applications.

Turn off all unnecessary applications

Location has always been consumer, so you should make sure that those who don’t need to use it will not use it. Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services, you can view which applications use this service and unnecessary applications close. Of course, you can also completely turn off the positioning service.

Turn off system function positioning service

I don’t know if you pay attention, your device always makes a lot of positioning in the background to deliver some features that are actually very useless. You can go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services, then select the Last “System Service”, then you can choose which function you don’t need, we recommend closing the diagnostics and dosage, location-based IAD ads, and nearby popular application.

Block iOS 7 to track your location

IOS 7 has a function named geographic fence, which always tracks your most frequently, causing caches related data. In Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services, you can see those places you are going most often. If you are worried, you can close this feature.

Close Unexunction

Apple’s new multi-task feature is very simple, close applications are also easier. Apple means that the background of the background will not have any action, but if you don’t believe this statement or obsessive-compulsive disorder, you can double-click the Home button to turn off the background application by sliding.

Limit SIRI

Enter Settings> General> Siri You can turn off Siri’s raise to speech.

Close Bluetooth

If you find that the system opens Bluetooth, you can quickly turn it off during the notification center.

Battery percentage

Although this doesn’t save electricity, it will avoid you always worry about the consumption of electricity. You can turn off the battery percentage in settings> General> Dosage.

Flight mode

Although it is basically not necessary to open the flight model, it is almost the power consumption in this mode. The flight mode can also be quickly turned on in the Notification Center.