Huawei sports watch swimming evaluation

Sports watch refers to a watch that supports running, swimming, hiking, fitness and other functions. At present, there are mainly apple, millet, Huawei and other brands. Most people who often exercise will wear sports watches to monitor sports data. Here is Huawei Watch GT as an example. Evaluate its swimming data detection function.

For running, hiking, etc., can also monitor some data through mobile phones, but swimming is unable to use mobile phone monitoring, only watch monitoring, so for swimming motion, users have a large dependence on the watch.

The waterproof of Huawei watches is not well estimated. At present, I only wore swimming 2 times. About 4 hours, the current watch has not yet water, and there is no abnormality. It is estimated that it should be better than the mobile phone waterproof.

Huawei’s watch is relatively simple for swimmers, and the watch will automatically set the pool width (of course, the data set is not necessarily accurate), automatically detect the swimming position, exercise before exercise – swimming pool, click the start, will automatically count the swimming data.

The default pool length of the system is 25 meters, and the automatic segment is a trip. This brings some problems with data statistics. At present, most swimming pools have a size of 25 meters. When swimming, the watch can only count swimming data in the direction of 25 meters. If the user swims in the direction of 50 meters, they cannot be Statistical swimming data.

Swimming distance is statistically statistically at 25 meters. Basically, there will be 25 meters, but sometimes it will increase by 25 meters, and the data is not very accurate, the data on the watch and the synchronization to the mobile phone. The data is inconsistent, such as the total length of swimming in the test of 1025 meters, but the synchronization is only 975 meters.

Heat consumption statistics, through the watch to monitor the calorie consumption of heart rate, in the heart rate monitoring, the watch should have no problem, but it will not be accurate in the calorific calculation, and the heat consumption of the real exercise is difficult to count, pass the heart rate. Ruplely estimated the intensity of the movement, the heart rate is improved, and it is not necessarily consuming. It may be tension or feel pressure. It can only be referred to for the exercise consumption provided by the watch.

The average speed measurement of the measurement statistics is the use of swimming length in addition to swimming time, and there is no time to take into account the user’s rest. For example, my average speed is 11 minutes 37 seconds / 100 meters, but I actually test, the swimming speed is actually 40 seconds / 25 meters, and the data is very different.

Swolf is a swimming professional noun, which is an indicator for measuring swimming efficiency. It is equivalent to a comprehensive evaluation of your swimming speed. Swolf Index = Single Time + Single Water The number of times, the smaller the number, the higher the efficiency of swimming. Swolf of watch statistics did not exclude the rest time, resulting in large fluctuations in the data curve, and it is not very accurate.

In addition, Huawei’s sports watch also statistics a single detailed swimming data available, in fact, I think that detailed swimming data of these single trips is more analyzed, because the data is estimated to have no rest time, relative Say more accurate.

In general, Huawei sports watches are not very accurate for swimming data. To improve accuracy, you must swim in a direction, keep swimming, do not rest in the middle, this and the actual swimming scene gap is very large. However, wearing a watch swimming is always better than wearing, at least time statistics will not be wrong.