Huawei open source platform online: Hongmeng system, Ark compiler open source

A few days ago, Huawei Emui official Weibo preview said that the open source of the Ark compiler is ready, will be on August 31 “show you the code”. Today (31st), Huawei’s open source platform website is as scheduled. In the afternoon, the warehouse called “Harmonyos / OpenARKCompiler” (Hongmeng operating system / open source Ark compiler) also appeared on the website.

According to reports, OpenARKCompiler is an open source project from Huawei Ark compiler, which is a unified programming platform for multi-device and supports multi-language.

According to reports, the Ark compiler is based on GCC-developed cross-compiler kit, which includes the front end of C, C ++, and Fortran, also including libraries for these languages ??(such as libstdc ++, libgcc, etc.). HCC runs on the X86 Linux architecture server, generated binary runs on the AARCH64 architecture server.

Huawei Ark compiler provides a new system and application compilation and operation mechanism. From dynamic compilation to static compilation, it is to directly compile the senior language into machine code, completely eliminate the additional overhead of virtual machine dynamic compilation, and achieve development Compatible with running efficiency.

As early as 5 years ago, Huawei started the layout of the application technology, and put hundreds of experts teams, experienced multiple trials, in Emui 9.1, translation of machine code.

According to the test data of Huawei laboratory, Emui 9.1 brings 24% of the system operating flu degree after applying Huawng Ark compilers on the system component System Server, and the system response performance increases by 44%.

Huawei Ark Compiler will be used in more modules in Emui subsequent version development, and the Ark compiler will be fully open source for the industry, and more developers can participate in the development of the Ark compiler.

Huawei open source platform address: Click here.