How to use iPad mobile office

Although IPAD Pro is an excellent productivity tool, the old version is also very efficient in daily work and professional purposes. This article is a guide to the use of old version iPad to complete the work. , Applications, accessories, etc.

You may not have thought of using iPad to work, in fact, just use iPad networking, using cloud storage services and various productive applications, and configuring appropriate accessories, using iPad is not a difficult thing.

This article is written after the apple’s iPad Pro released. The article mainly pays attention to the old version of the iPad Pro, how to make full use of these iPad to office, these iPads do not have keyboards, stylus or mouse, etc. Everyone uses them to play games. If you have an old iPad or iPad mini, can you use it for work? The answer is certain.

iPad network

For most of us, in order to complete our work, we need a suitable internet connection. Web browsing and email depend on the network. There are several types of networking methods:

1, cellular network model

iPad usually has two models: Wireless LAN and Wireless LAN + cellular network, if purchased iPad supports cellular network, then you can connect to the network vendor’s SIM card, this function is very easy to use when there is no WiFi around. However, the iPad price with a cellular network is more expensive than WiFi version.

2, mobile phone hotspot

Typically, Wi-Fi version of iPad can only be networked at home or in company. If you go out, you can use your smartphone as a hot spot, let the iPad connection to access the Internet. This method usually consumes a lot of mobile phone power, not suitable for long-term networking operations.

3, portable router MIFI

MIFI (Portable Router / Mobile WiFi) is a portable broadband wireless device, a combination modem, router, and access point triple function. The iPad can connect to the hotspot of MIFI. Of course, the MIFI must first insert a SIM card.

When using your mobile phone hotspot or MIFI, you need to pay attention to the following traffic, avoid traffic exceeding the operator restriction.

iOS productivity application

1, ICLOUD synchronization

If we have iPhone, iPad, and Mac, we can use iOS-based cross-device synchronization: iCloud, you can synchronize each document on iCloud when using iWork applications.

However, iCloud is available for free storage capacity on all devices, which exceeds this capacity.

2, cloud storage

In view of the iPad’s portability and wireless Internet, using cloud storage is a good idea. Regardless of where file is stored, you can handle and save files on the iPad.

Many mainstream cloud services can be well integrated into PC and Mac file systems, user PCs or MAC computer-side organization management files, and then access files from multiple mobile devices.

Common cloud storage services are: Google Drive (free 15g), Dropbox (free 2G), Microsoft OneDrive (free 5G), Amazon Drive, etc., domestic cloud storage services have nut cloud.

3, email

Apple’s own email app is a lightweight, clean application, enough to handle most emails. Users can also add individuals and work emails from multiple different providers.

4, productivity application

The term “productivity” is extensive and vague. Many people understand that we mainly refer to all kinds of products that improve work efficiency, such as Office Series, Evernote, Todolist, and more. The main productive applications are:

Microsoft Office 365

Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Outlook, etc., subscribing to users and OneTB cloud storage of OneDrive. You can easily view and process documents generated by desktop Office.

Apple iPad productivity tool

In addition to Microsoft Office, Apple systems also bring a range of productive tools, and Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint products are: Pages, NumBers and Keynote. These tools are very good in Apple’s ecosystems, so if the user is Mac and iPhone users, it is best to use Apple’s own productive application instead of using Microsoft’s Office products. Of course, if you usually work, you have to Use Microsoft’s set.

5, team collaborative application

Google DOCS can support individuals to edit the same documentation, and save documents in Google Cloud Hard Drive. But it is impossible to visit China.

6, remote desktop

Access the remote computer via a remote desktop on the iPad, as long as the remote computer is open, the user can control remote computers through remote access applications. At present, the main iPad remote desktop applications are: Chrome Remote Access, Microsoft Remote Desktop Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC Viewer (for Mac), etc.

iPad accessories

1, Bluetooth keyboard

Using the iPad office is most probably most useful to add a physical keyboard. Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard is a bit expensive. Other company’s Bluetooth keyboard can also apply to the iPad. The effect is similar, typing is sure to be used by the screen keyboard built into the iPad.

2, iPad case

Most iPad cases can be used as a bracket on the back, which solves the problem of no brackets in the iPad display, and also protects the iPad will not be broken easily, but the iPad protective sleeve does not adjust the angle.

3, iPad data cable, adapter

Through the data cable to a different place, the adapter for different interfaces can also connect to a TV or other device, but the interface of the iPad is very small, which is short rib, carrying a large number of adapters, but also with an interface perfect laptop.

The above is a method of working with iPad, through various applications and accessories, can turn the IPAD this entertainment tool into a powerful work and productivity tool.

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