How many App stores have an App Store?

Apple App Store is the world’s most popular app store, with a large number of App applications, how many of them? We can’t figure out the specific quantity, fortunately, Apple will tell us regularly.

Application Park lists the total number of App Store available for different dates over the past eight years, which is based on Apple announcements, and numbers are approximately values.

The four data of iOS Apps, iPad Apps, Apple Watch Apps, Apple TV, and Apple TV Apps are listed below.

In this form, we can find:

The explosive growth of the IOS App application. Since July 2008, Apple has updated the iOS system to support native App, and the App Store released nearly 140,000 App applications at the end of January 2010. Release approximately 245 applications a day, this is an amazing beginning.

The IPAD application growth is equally rare. You may think that the growth rate of iPad applications is faster than iPhone, because the App Store ecosystem has matured before the iPad application release. In May – 2011 – October 2011, IPAD is approximately 140,000 app applications in 18 months, and the growth rate is inconsistent with the iPhone.

The data is relatively blurred. Some app applications apply only to the iPhone, some only for iPad, and some app applications can be used on iPhone and iPad. I don’t know if IPAD application data in the table is for iPad applications, otherwise, the actual total number of iPad in the App Store is less than this table data.