Google releases full platform communication application hangouts ring chat

Google released the full platform, video chat system hangouts, Chinese name “ring chat”, support Android, iOS, and Chrome multi-platform, support video calls, support multiplayer video clusters, and dialogue can be saved for a long time.

The new version of hangouts can send a picture or a chaist, understand which message is seen or is typing, but also send a message to a friend (even if they are not online). Users can upgrade any dialogue to a video chat room that can accommodate 10 friends, but also use a variety of applications and video special effects to add some decorations on their faces. Hangouts ring supports both desktop computers and laptops, and also supports Android and Apple mobile devices.

In addition to supporting multiplayer while performing video chat, this service has been promoted to more occasions, such as working video conferencing, distance teaching, etc. Users can also click here to watch public circular chat live in various topics.

I also tested Google Hangouts, and the iPhone version did not go online in the Chinese market, but it can be downloaded from the US market. After chatting with Google+ Friends, if the other party opens Gmail, I can chat directly in Gmail’s built-in gtalk, no need Installation application. If the other party also installed the mobile version of Hangouts, the chat content will be displayed simultaneously on the phone and browser. The chat record is saved in the “chat record” section of Gmail, the icon and gtalk are different.

On your phone, you can also use Google Hangouts to make multiplayer video chat. After testing, Google Hangouts supports front and rear cameras and voice, video chat feels some cards, which may save traffic, video clarity is not very good.

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iOS version download address: mt = 8

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