Google release free real-time transcription software

Recently, Google Invitation media held a video conference call in Beijing, and Google Product Manager Sagar Savla introduced Live Transcribe software, which was a free Android service that reduced the dialogue in the real world by integrating automated subtitle technology into daily sessions.

Google said that Live Transcribe supports 70 different languages ??(dialects), which can make subtle adjustments as the dialogue (similar to automatic repair subtitles). In order to improve the accuracy of identification, the application also supports external microphones. Although it is required to be networked, Google promises not to store the session content on the server.

It is understood that by automatic speech recognition technology (ASR), the computer can detect a sound language and transcribed its site as a for reading, providing technical support by Google Cloud, Live Transcribe can perform real-time dialogue subtitle transcription, support more than 70 languages To cover more than 80% of the world.

Sagar Savla said that although the cloud ASR can provide us with higher accuracy, Google hopes to reduce the network traffic consumption required by LIVE Transcribe. To this end, Google implements the device voice detector based on neural network based on the previous Audioset’s work. The network is an image model, similar to our previous VGGISH model, which detects voice and automatically manages network connections to the cloud ASR engine, minimizing data traffic during long-term use.

In terms of technical presence, Google has considered several different modes: computer, tablet, smartphones, small projectors, show audisual information and subtitles in iterative ways. Finally, the team of Sagar Savla decided to focus on smartphone mode because such equipment is everywhere and is increasingly powerful.

According to data, the World Health Organization is expected to be damaged by Jiuyi people in 2055. Google’s software can take a convenient for them. The software is currently very popular in Asia.