Google+ information flow modified version

Google+ has recently released a new version, except for changes in the interface, the biggest change is the change of the information flow, and the information display is made by a single line of messages, and the Pinterest’s display mode is similar, and some like Facebook.

Depending on the size of the user screen, the Google information flow will display in two columns or three columns, and users can set the information flow layout in “More”, only one column on the iPhone.

At present, Google+ information will be a multi-column display. This display method is friendly for a large number of picture information. However, multi-column mode is very poor, especially a large number of text information, user reading A lot of information, the general perspective is spanned from top to bottom, and in the multi-column state, the user’s perspective will be randomly moved up and down, the reading efficiency and the reading experience will drop sharply, and it is inconvenient for text information.

The multi-column settings of Google+ information clearly affects the user’s reading habits. Although users can set up information flow layout in “more”, but after testing, the new version of Google+ single-bar information flow is very narrow, the visual content is too small, The effect is not as good as the previous version.

So I think that the new version of Google+ information stream modified, for text content browsing, this makes Google Reader’s user groups easily choose Google+. On the picture browsing, Google + may not be able to get those professional pictures sites. This will change this, and Google + will become increasingly uncertain.