Google and Adobe cooperate to develop open source fonts

According to Google Blackboard, Google and Adobe have developed an excellent free open source font for Sino-Japanese and Korean users: Source Han Sans / NOTO SANS CJK, this font is between modern and traditional, provided Support for Japanese, Han, Chinese (Jane / Traditional), contains 7 different thickness sizes.

Although two companies have developed, their respective names of this font are not the same, Adobe called Source Han Sans (Siyuan Black), and Google called NOTO SANS CJK (CJK: Chinese, Japanese, Korean), And included the NOTO PAN-Unicode font family.

Adobe has copyrights with font design. The published font file can be used free of charge without restrictions. These font files use the Apache license version 2 (Apache License, Version 2).

Developing pan-mid-Japan-Korean font NOTO SANS CJK is an important step in the reading experience of Google to improve in various devices. NOTO SANS CJK is the latest member of Google’s Pan Unicode Fonts Family NOTO. The target of the NOTO font family is to support all the languages ??in the world. The entire NOTO font family includes China-Japanese and Korean parts to be opened to everyone. Users can access the NOTO homepage download NOTO SANS CJK and other NOTO fonts. You can also access the Adobe Typekit website download. If you want to use the original source file, you can get the SourceForge and GitHub download pages, and use the Apache 2.0 license authorization.

After the download is complete, unzip the download file, open the “Font” option of the control panel, and drag the decompressed file into it.