Dropbox: The model of cloud storage marketing

Dropbox is the world’s most popular cloud storage and sharing service, compared to competitors sugarsync, its function is very weak; compared to Google’s pay space, its storage space is too small; compared to Google Docs and other clouds Service, Dropbox does not provide a cloud, just storage.

Dropbox has so many shortcomings, why did it become the world’s most popular cloud storage service? We will analyze from more angles, including operations, products, etc., see what we can learn from Dropbox …

First, the limited time trial is garbage

Many cloud services, especially for enterprises, all have a short-term trial, and users feel that they need to purchase a formal account.

DROPBOX, at the beginning, the free user offers 2G permanent space, which seems to be a small decision, but the development of Dropbox in the early stage has played a foundation.

Dropbox’s CEO Drew House provides 2G space for each free account for each free account:

1. When I am a consumer, I hate trial, I want to have it. Because I think no one likes to get a free thing, but there is no.

2, the increase in the number of Dropbox users is transmitted by the mouth, so free users are valuable. The faster us grow, the free users are more likely to translate the payment user.

3. Selecting a correct trial period is difficult because everyone uploading the file in Dropbox is different. Many people will purchase pay services after a long trial.

Flickr is a very popular picture storage and sharing service, whether it is a charging user or free user, Flickr will save all photos and videos uploaded by the user. However, if you are free users, you can only find 100 photos you recently uploaded from the index. You can see 100 photos outside, as long as you know their URL. When you pay a pro user, you can see all your uploads from the index.

When the user uploads the 101th photo, it does not force the user to purchase the Pro account, but let the user find it to buy when you have a demand.

It is found that this demand is a long process. If the author himself, I used a year of Flickr to buy PRO, and later renewed for a year.

Dropbox’s approach is a bit similar to Flickr. If you provide a short trial, you may have not felt that you really need Dropbox to leave. So, provide a pointful trial time? How long is it long?

On the other hand, cloud storage space is getting cheaper. Since how long it can’t grasp how long the trial time can make users love to pay a service, why not give the user a little sweet, let him stay? The user stayed, when he found more, naturally, will naturally go to buy.

This is also similar to the relationship between the ordinary QQ account and QQ members.

The reason why Dropbox developed, and its user reputation and social communication are not open. Dropbox is not an enterprise-class service, it is facing individual. If it is just a trial of a limited time, I think it is impossible to increase its user word of mouth, nor will it get a large area of ??social communication.

Second, great products must have strong technical support

In the eyes of ordinary users, Dropbox is a very simple synchronization service. But when you encounter these two situations, do you still think Dropbox is simple?

1. You will upload a 1G file to Dropbox, which actually completes uploaded, why?

2, you have modified this 1G file locally. When you think that the entire file is to be re-uploaded, Dropbox is instantaneously completed again, why?

Imagine these two situations if there is a 115 network disk, how much time you need to waste? Why can Dropbox save you time?

For files already existing in the Dropbox’s entire cloud server, even if this file is not in your account, when you try to synchronize this file to Dropbox, 1 second is not available, your Dropbox account already has the copy of this file. Because Dropbox found that its server side has exactly the same file.

On the other hand, when you modify a big file, Dropbox can discover some part of the modified part, so that the server is also following this part, making the synchronization faster. Only modify a fragment, why do you want to upload the entire file?

Dropbox did not display powerful features at the front desk, but in the background, it silently allows users to be more comfortable and more efficient.

Third, the effective social marketing

Although free users have only 2G space, but by participating in various activities, free users (current) can have 20G space.

Why not open 20G free space for users? Let’s take a look at Dropbox what activities have been made:

1. Each time you invite one person, you will get an additional 250MB of storage, up to 8G. 2, if you tell Dropbox, you are a student (by verifying the .edu mailbox), you can get an additional 500MB space every person, then you can get up to 16G space.

3. Send a message in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to explain why you like Dropbox, you can get 128MB of space, up to 768MB.

4. By participating in the Dropbox 2011 puzzle event, you can get extra 1G space.

Wait, this adds 19.75g, don’t you say that you can have 20G space?

5. If you are registered with the invitation link to others used, you can get extra 250MB space.

Let us analyze these five different social marketing points by point:

1. The invitation mechanism can quickly increase users, and can make social network discuss DrOPBOX, such as: “Who can give me a Dropbox invitation?”. The effect is so good, why is the free social marketing?

2, students are the main force of the Internet, why don’t you give them more sweets, let them be more happy to become the missionaries of Dropbox?

3, let users take the initiative to send information than enterprises to send information more effective, the key is how do you mobilize users’ enthusiasm? Dropbox did it.

4, the entertainment of the puzzy activity is secondary, the most important thing is that many people will encounter problems in the process of puzzle, so they will help socialize in social networks, is this not a good social marketing? There is also a blog specializing in how to solve these 30 problems. Is this not a good social marketing?

5, the registration invitation from both parties is really valuable

Fourth, cross-platform, use and share anytime, anywhere

Are you working on different machines? With MAC, use Windows and use iPad?

Dropbox’s multi-platform support can make you more than half a job. Put your files in a Dropbox in a computer, files you can instantly sync to Dropbox’s servers, which can be accessed on your computer installed in Dropbox, no matter what your computer is Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Dropbox also supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems, whether you can access your data at any time, so afraid that there is currently no network (this time the last synchronized data).

Most computers in the world have Windows, really need to develop multi-platform version? The company spent 20% of 200% of the 80% of people, why also spend 80% of the energy to meet people who may be less than 20%?

Users with Mac and Linux are extremely eager for Windows Only software to provide the version of other platforms, but most software developers do not do this. Of course, this will not let Mac and Linux users hate them, and they can’t let Windows users are complacent.

However, if a software provides a cross-platform version, non-Windows users will be very happy, they will be willing to spread this software, introduce this software to their social network, and this software may not The best, but they can use.

On the other hand, especially in the IT industry in the United States, many companies’ high-level use of Mac, if they look at a software, spread in the company, which is more effective than your home sales.

Many times, 80% of users are affected by another 20% user.

5. Simple, very simple, can’t be simpler

Why use Dropbox? Because it is useful.

The reason is that it is so simple.

If you are a product manager, how will you do a synchronous product? Let users choose what type of files synchronized? Let users decide when to start synchronization? Plus multimedia playback function? Plus text processing function?

Dropbox thinking is:

1, need to have a folder

2, users put files in the folder

3, the file is synchronized

It is so simple.

Michael Wolfe, CCloop CEO has worked self-answer:

You may think that people will need a schedule management, task management, and console. No, people only need a folder that can synchronize.

You may think that synchronization data is important, people will be more willing to put synchronized data in a trusted place, such as Windows Live, such as Apple Mobile ME. No, people have already trusted folders very early, Dropbox is a folder.

You may think, why not network is network, isn’t it a popular cloud operating system? Why not do everything in your browser? No, not everyone is an IT industry, not everyone is the generous guest. For ordinary users, a folder is the simplest and convenient.

Tane, product managers, especially technology-type product managers, you like to put more features or operations at the front end, trying to make users feel very powerful.In fact, this will not let users feel that your product is strong, but will let them think that your product is difficult.A powerful product should be simple, practical.Users don’t need to know how complicated your products, he only needs to perform the operation in the simplest way.Six, summary

Dropbox is popular in the world is not accidental, in technology, functional, marketing, Dropbox teams have spent hard work.Perhaps in the previous things, some is really accidentally, some even Dropbox is forced to do, but it is done, and it is going to be in front of a better direction.

From Dropbox, we know that design a good word of mouth marketing is important, free users are more valuable than trial users, powerful technologies should stay in the bottom, users are more willing to use simple products.

Senate: Negior Park