Contrast OneDrive and Dropbox

Using cloud storage for synchronization of multiple computer files, it is a very basic efficiency software. The practitioners with multiple computers are probably not strange to them. In addition to several cloud synchronization dishes, we will currently The popular two cloud storage services perform a contrast. This contrast includes Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox.

Free storage

Many users want the cloud storage space to be free. Both OneDrive and Dropbox provide free space to users, the two compare, the free space given by OneDrive is bigger than Dropbox.

OneDrive free storage is relatively largest, there is free 15GB when starting using the service. Just register, login, use the service, do not invite friends or other tasks, you can easily support 15GB cloud storage space. If you want to invite friends, you can get 1GB storage space every time you invite a friend. In addition, for old users, OneDrive also provided some rewards. At present, my OneDrive has 40G space without inviting anyone.

DROPBOX is not a lot of free space. Dropbox only 2GB of storage space, but if you invite friends, you will get more space. Invite the user, and after all the reward tasks, my Dropbox has a capacity of 25G.

Pay storage

In addition to free storage space, maybe you really need more storage space, you are willing to spend money to buy. Dropbox and OneDrive are $ 9.99 with a monthly 1TB storage space. In addition, if the user pays $ 9.99 for OneDrive, you can get 1TB storage space, but also subscribe to Office 365.

Internal access

OneDrive is better than Dropbox, although this goods are currently in half-disabled, but at least the client can use in the wall, but OneDrive does not support custom proxy function, if the client is sealed Once, you can only use the VPN to access it.

Dropbox is currently unable to access directly in the wall, but the Dropbox supports the setup agent, so you can access the agent’s way, I mainly use shadowsocks to use Dropbox in the wall, in the Dropbox’s proxy settings, select manual, proxy settings to local SS SS and DROPBOX are set to automatically enable, SS uses the VPS purchased by yourself to build, so that you can use Dropbox (Dropbox Agent), and will not affect other applications or web page browsing speeds.

Special feature

OneDRIVE features and Windows and Office integration, the new version of Windows is directly integrated with OneDrive, integrating it into the system, when running the Office app, you can also see documents stored in OneDrive, users can easily edit documents .

However, in addition, OneDrive seems to have no other features, DROPBOX’s biggest advantage is that the performance on any platform is very good, my favorite Dropbox function is the incremental upload and file history version.

The principle of incremental upload is that when we modified the file, Dropbox automatically checks the changes, and automatically uploads the changed content, not to upload the entire file like OneDrive. Since the content of the upload is limited, the synchronization process can often be completed instantly and greatly improved the upload efficiency.

Dropbox saves a file history version for each file, users can restore the previously modified files, and OneDrive has no historical version of the historical version for ordinary files, only this feature is available for Office files.


I don’t want the entire comparative evaluation that seems to advertise for Dropbox, but Dropbox is really more convenient than OneDrive. OneDrive provides features, Dropbox has almost all, and DROPBOX is also available. Although OneDrive also features some features, as a productive tool, I think Dropbox really understands the cloud storage service.