CacheBrowser: Using CDN content cache Internet

According to Solidot, in October this year, the researchers of Mames at Mada University proposed a networked system cachebrowser that does not require a proxy server, bypassing DNS interference directly from the CDN vendor’s content hosting server.Shielded content.The advantage of this method is that the latency delay is much smaller than the method, but the disadvantage is that only the shielded website using the CDN, and fortunately, the large number of large-scale websites shielded by China is used to use CDN.

But the Internet is gradually evolving, and more and more websites start using CDN managed content, improve content access, reliability, and security.IP mask is valid for traditional website content, but for the CDN hosting content, the examiner cannot simply shield it because it will bring huge incidental damage.

CacheBrowser now releases a test version of the Chrome and Firefox plugins, and the source code is published on Github.80% of the first 1000 most popular sites in China can be used by the plug-in by 80%.