Baidu network disk apologizes on the “user incentive plan”

Baidu network disk has recently launched the “User Incentive Plan”, which has triggered a lot of netizens. Last night, Baidu network disk officially broke this sound, and the Baidu network disk default PC-side users apologized, and said that they would release a new PC-side new version today, and cancel all users of the “User Incentive Plan”.

Previously, a hidden setting of Baidu network disk triggered the attention and dissatisfaction of netizens. It would secretly occupy your part of the bandwidth, and it is open, open Baidu network disk client, set-transport page “Advanced Setting a button, you will see a User Incentive Plan, and the default is checked.

According to the explanation, the user incentive plan is an activity that Baidu network disk exits to the promotion of the PC client experience. According to the user’s activity and usage, the corresponding points is equivalent to the wealth in Baidu network disk, can go to the mobile phone End APP exchange Baidu network disk super member, privilege or other rich prizes.

However, this reward plan will take up the upload bandwidth of up to 1MB / s to transfer files to other users, while also occupying up to 5GB of local space.

The following is the full text of Baidu network disk:

“Recently, Baidu network disk online test” User Incentive Plan “received a lot of feedback from many netizens, thanks to each user’s criticism and suggestions, which is very important to the user experience of our continuous optimization Baidu network disk.

First, we have an apology for Baidu network disk default PC-end users, we apologize and urgently developed new versions. The new version of Baidu network disk PC issued tomorrow (April 21) will cancel all users of the “User Incentive Plan”.

At the same time, please feel free to worry, the user incentive plan is used by point-to-point (P2P) transmission technology, which can improve the experience and mobile download speed of the user online watch video. P2P transmission technology has been very mature and widely used, and safety is fully guaranteed.

Finally, for the trouble brought to Baidu network disk again, I will continue to supervise Baidu network disk, we will continue to work hard to provide you with trustworthy network disk services. “