Who is doing “open source” dream?

Let’s talk about something that is not too long. More than two months, the Apple’s Global Developer General will open in San Francisco in the United States. When Cook announces the Swift programming language, it will ring the cheers on the venue. Apple finally became Open. With the first version of Linux, the term “open […]

User complaints Apple pre-installed software cannot be removed

According to Guangzhou Daily, this month, Miss Yao, Shenzhen, in the support of the public welfare legacy platform, requested the court to order Apple to disclose its monitoring and stealing in the iPhone pre-installed software. The function of the private information of the user, and the issue that cannot be free to uninstall the pre-installed […]

Use CloudFlare to perform domain name redirective

When the website changes the domain name, the domain name is often used to point to the new domain name, which is usually called: URL forwarding, is good at using the URL forward, very useful for SEO, because this The way can clearly inform the search engine and the website has been replaced from the […]

How many App stores have an App Store?

Apple App Store is the world’s most popular app store, with a large number of App applications, how many of them? We can’t figure out the specific quantity, fortunately, Apple will tell us regularly. Application Park lists the total number of App Store available for different dates over the past eight years, which is based […]

Release Twitter by RSS

Here is a simple method, as long as a website or blog is issued in China (within 140 words), it can automatically synchronize to the tweet, the principle published is automatically released through the RSS of the blog article. We know that blogs generally have an RSS function, generally can be found in the source […]

Reflections on the migration Google Keep

Google has recently launched an instant record class such as Evernote. But the author doesn’t intend to migrate from Evernote to Google Keep, even if Google provides the most convenient seamless migration service. The reasons whose author is not intended to migrate as follows: 1. If the machine is not broken, there is no need […]

Silent movies in Chrome

Google updated the Chrome’s Web Speech API last month so that developers can utilize speech recognition functions in their various web applications. This function has not been fully utilized until now, but Google hopes to change this, and launched a smart silent film short film demo – “The Peanut Gallery). Its concept is very simple: […]

Google Chrome modifies “blacklist” and “white list”

According to foreign media reports Google’s terms of ethnic discrimination in the Chromium source code to eliminate subtle racism. Future Google Browser Chrome will no longer use words such as “BlackList”, “White List” (WhiteList) and “BlockList” (ALLIST) to avoid ethnicity A hint of discrimination. In fact, before, the Google team plans to modify the code […]

Apple mobile phone to prevent spam from harassment

For mobile phone users, spam on mobile phones has been harassing a problem that people have a headache. Various spam is inevitable, and it is very headache. For Apple phones, in addition to some traditional spam messages, more iMessage spam will be received after opening iMessage information. Here you need to introduce how to block […]