Three enryrgers commonly used by enterprise Saas

A significant feature of distinguishing between traditional software is that SaaS emphasizes a software application for sharing. This sharing includes sharing between users, including “sharing” between users and SaaS companies. Due to legal and business ethics constraints, companies for you may never peek at your data, but you still need to know how your data […]

WeChat public account design planning and management

WeChat in 2015, the number of active numbers of Q1 was 549 million, compared to the 300 million monthly active users in Tencent 2014, the new active users in this quarter reached approximately 10% year-on-year, and the WeChat public account from 2012. 2012 Since the on-line in August, more than 1 million registered users have […]

Huawei sports watch swimming evaluation

Sports watch refers to a watch that supports running, swimming, hiking, fitness and other functions. At present, there are mainly apple, millet, Huawei and other brands. Most people who often exercise will wear sports watches to monitor sports data. Here is Huawei Watch GT as an example. Evaluate its swimming data detection function. For running, […]

Restore method of deleting files

When we use electronic devices in our daily life, we always delete files by mistake from time to time, or when a computer is lent to someone else but your stuff is deleted and ¡° Thoughtful & rdquo; When we empty the trash, we want to restore the files. Now we’ll give you a regret […]

Android-based website server

Remember the phone PHP environment you played on the S60? With the increasing number of ANDROID devices, have you ever thought about building your ANDROID device into a powerful mobile server? With the current hardware of ANDROID devices, this is entirely possible. PHP environments on ANDROID terminals are already numerous and increasing. Most of them […]

LZPLAY Failure Huawei Mate 30 PRO Unable to install GMS

After the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the user can install Google GMS on Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which is exposed, and this original useful application LZPlay has been exposed, and the Mate 30 Pro mobile phone app has been installed. It is no longer able to test by authoritative SafetyNet. Mate 30 Pro is the […]

iPhone business application

The iPhone has become one of the world’s most popular smartphones, but most people only notice the iPhone games and entertainment features, very small to pay attention to their business applications, in fact, iPhone is an excellent smartphone, there are many powerful Business application software, this article recommends several iPhone essential business applications. Address Book […]

Netease has a dictionary released 2019 hot word

On the first day of 2020, Netease has a dictionary published a ten hot word in 2019. According to the user’s query, the hot word of the maximum number of queues in 2019 is VLOG. The word in Netease has more than 17.26 million, and compared with 2018, users have increased VLOG querification. Nearly 47 […]

WINDOWS method for adding disk cleaning tools

Windows Server 2008 R2 didn’t have a disk cleaning tool installed in it. It needed to be installed in a manual way to use the disk cleaning tool. Most of the time, after the system was updated, a lot of garbage files would be produced. It was uneasy to use a third party software to […]