Android-based website server

Remember the phone PHP environment you played on the S60? With the increasing number of ANDROID devices, have you ever thought about building your ANDROID device into a powerful mobile server? With the current hardware of ANDROID devices, this is entirely possible. PHP environments on ANDROID terminals are already numerous and increasing.

Most of them are LighttpdMysqlPhp-cgi pairings, whether they are streamed on the Internet or Android PHP environments available on Google Play. This seems enough for the average user, but not enough for PHP enthusiasts.

A new PHP environment has emerged on Android! It uses NGINX as the Web Server and PHP-FPM to support both the commonly used MYSQL database and the powerful POSTGRESQL. What is this project?

It has a name similar to other IDEs, which we simply call ANMPP, short for Android Nginx Mysql Php-fpm Postgresql. The Android ANMPP Integrated Environment provides complete PHP and NGINX module support.

ANMPP requires ROOT, which is similar to other integrated environments under Linux and currently only supports ARM-based ADROID devices. I also provide another PHP environment based on RM ANDROID, called ALMP, for use with less configured devices.

ANMPP and ALMP are two completely free PHP integrated environments based on ARM ANDROID. ANMPP has a proprietary official home page, downloads of ALMP can also be provided on the ANMPP home page, and ALMP was made early.

Although it all seems like such a setback, it contains some unusual meanings. Mobile terminal, which is a future terminal, will be used more and more widely. Testing WEB programs on a live machine may make these more realistic. ANMPP is not inferior to PHP integrated environment on PC.