Reflections on the migration Google Keep

Google has recently launched an instant record class such as Evernote. But the author doesn’t intend to migrate from Evernote to Google Keep, even if Google provides the most convenient seamless migration service. The reasons whose author is not intended to migrate as follows: 1. If the machine is not broken, there is no need […]

Silent movies in Chrome

Google updated the Chrome’s Web Speech API last month so that developers can utilize speech recognition functions in their various web applications. This function has not been fully utilized until now, but Google hopes to change this, and launched a smart silent film short film demo – “The Peanut Gallery). Its concept is very simple: […]

Google Chrome modifies “blacklist” and “white list”

According to foreign media reports Google’s terms of ethnic discrimination in the Chromium source code to eliminate subtle racism. Future Google Browser Chrome will no longer use words such as “BlackList”, “White List” (WhiteList) and “BlockList” (ALLIST) to avoid ethnicity A hint of discrimination. In fact, before, the Google team plans to modify the code […]

Apple mobile phone to prevent spam from harassment

For mobile phone users, spam on mobile phones has been harassing a problem that people have a headache. Various spam is inevitable, and it is very headache. For Apple phones, in addition to some traditional spam messages, more iMessage spam will be received after opening iMessage information. Here you need to introduce how to block […]

Microsoft release must input method

On April 8th, Microsoft MSN (China) company announced the launch of the first Chinese cloud input method “Bing Bing input method”, and his predecessor is “British Pinyin input method”. Microsoft declares that the input method is clean, no ads, no plug-ins, even on a computer relatively high performance, it can also be smoothly entered, which […]

Tencent responded to QQ read user browser history

Tencent QQ official certification account is in knowing the history of “QQ scan reading all browsers” means that the PC QQ exists that the browser history is used to determine the user’s login security risk, read data for PC QQ The local client determines whether or not malicious logins. All related data will not upload […]

Say goodbye Google Reader

Today, Google Reader is finally closed. I think this is very good. Another group of houses can take out from the never-ended two-dimensional world to welcome the beautiful sun. I remember the first time using Google Reader, it is recommended by a computers. Talking about the look of GR, like it is the same as […]

Why don’t I like WeChat?

This question is what I know, the original question is “What kind of user doesn’t like WeChat?” For data backup, copy it to reserve a copy here to prevent loss. The following is the original answer: I am doing technology, I don’t like WeChat, and I don’t like QQ, but I have to use friends. […]