LZPLAY Failure Huawei Mate 30 PRO Unable to install GMS

After the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the user can install Google GMS on Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which is exposed, and this original useful application LZPlay has been exposed, and the Mate 30 Pro mobile phone app has been installed. It is no longer able to test by authoritative SafetyNet. Mate 30 Pro is the […]

iPhone business application

The iPhone has become one of the world’s most popular smartphones, but most people only notice the iPhone games and entertainment features, very small to pay attention to their business applications, in fact, iPhone is an excellent smartphone, there are many powerful Business application software, this article recommends several iPhone essential business applications. Address Book […]

Netease has a dictionary released 2019 hot word

On the first day of 2020, Netease has a dictionary published a ten hot word in 2019. According to the user’s query, the hot word of the maximum number of queues in 2019 is VLOG. The word in Netease has more than 17.26 million, and compared with 2018, users have increased VLOG querification. Nearly 47 […]

WINDOWS method for adding disk cleaning tools

Windows Server 2008 R2 didn’t have a disk cleaning tool installed in it. It needed to be installed in a manual way to use the disk cleaning tool. Most of the time, after the system was updated, a lot of garbage files would be produced. It was uneasy to use a third party software to […]

Who is doing “open source” dream?

Let’s talk about something that is not too long. More than two months, the Apple’s Global Developer General will open in San Francisco in the United States. When Cook announces the Swift programming language, it will ring the cheers on the venue. Apple finally became Open. With the first version of Linux, the term “open […]

User complaints Apple pre-installed software cannot be removed

According to Guangzhou Daily, this month, Miss Yao, Shenzhen, in the support of the public welfare legacy platform, requested the court to order Apple to disclose its monitoring and stealing in the iPhone pre-installed software. The function of the private information of the user, and the issue that cannot be free to uninstall the pre-installed […]

Use CloudFlare to perform domain name redirective

When the website changes the domain name, the domain name is often used to point to the new domain name, which is usually called: URL forwarding, is good at using the URL forward, very useful for SEO, because this The way can clearly inform the search engine and the website has been replaced from the […]

How many App stores have an App Store?

Apple App Store is the world’s most popular app store, with a large number of App applications, how many of them? We can’t figure out the specific quantity, fortunately, Apple will tell us regularly. Application Park lists the total number of App Store available for different dates over the past eight years, which is based […]

Release Twitter by RSS

Here is a simple method, as long as a website or blog is issued in China (within 140 words), it can automatically synchronize to the tweet, the principle published is automatically released through the RSS of the blog article. We know that blogs generally have an RSS function, generally can be found in the source […]