Momo’s face software ZAO how to make

On August 30, “Zao” on “Zao” on “Zao” only in the world is playing, and quickly brush the screen circle. On September 1 after two days, in Apple App Store App Store, “ZAO” is the first. It is visible to the explosion. At the same time, as an AI changing face software, the privacy safety […]

Xiaomi responded to plagiarism Apple iOS

Recently, millet released the latest MIUI 6 operating system, not only domestic IT media competed in this matter, foreign media also moved this news on the headline. About MIUI 6 plagiarism iOS 7 flat design style remarks is also endless. As we all know, the millet imitates the most objects is Apple, Xiaomi 4 is […]

Top Ten Best Ren Paradise Switch Game Recommendation

Nintendento Switch (Nintendo Switch) is a game console released in March 2017, using a householder, handhare integrated design, China’s mainland version is released from Tencent on December 4, 2019, undoubtedly the most popular in the world. The handset, the game on Switch is extremely rich, and the top ten best games are also very difficult […]

Jinshan WPS “Soul” is lost

In the middle of the night, I wrote this article with the sadness of the Chinese national software hate iron and uncomfortable steel! Once, Jinshan Company is absolutely the most component of China. The news that once heard Jinshan and Microsoft Wars did not help but blindly boil, once incentive because of Jinshan’s deeds, I […]

Everything is software, everything is API

Let’s talk about things, scientists have proven that this animal is the first in the Americas, but after a long evolution, the horse here is extinct. A relatively reasonable explanation is because the horse is just as a locally hunting object like a local and duckling, rather than domesticated “hunting tools”. One result is a […]

Release Notes of Moonlight Blog Twitter Account

The tweet account of the moonlight blog is operated by the overseas operation team ifttt. The mainland operators of Moonlight blogs have not been issued directly in overseas special accounts. The content from overseas operations, IFTTT is released abroad, most of the content publishedThe source IFTTT, the content issued by IFTTT, the mainland operator of […]

A string of characters allows iPhone’s WiFi crashes

The security person Carl Schou has recently discovered a strange bug for Apple iPhone, which allows WiFi features that cannot be used, not only to connect the WiFi network, but also the part of iOS, as: airdrop, airplay is also facing properly, even even calculates the device After turning off, the above problem will continue […]

Efficient knowledge reading and information screening skills

In the face of Internet information, time being fragmented, how to filter this information? How to read? Let me introduce some of my experience. Knowledge and information cannot be mixed, the information is massive and free, but there is no target acquisition information, it is unable to convert information into knowledge. Therefore, learning must have […]

Alipay responds to AI changing face and full payment

In response to the problem of Alipay stolen brushes, Alipay official responded that although there are currently a lot of face software, it is very realistic, but it can’t break through the brush payment. Even if the account is taken with the extremely small probability event, the loss will also pay a full payment through […]

Use readability to browse the website full text

Google Reader with HTTPS can browse the RSS article of the website, but many websites are non-full-text RSS. Yahoo Pipes or Full-Text RSS class Third-party tools Force the full-text RSS of the website is always imperfect. Yahoo Pipes capture the complex operation, and the Full-Text RSS website is simple, but the persistence is insufficient. Readability […]