Google and Adobe cooperate to develop open source fonts

According to Google Blackboard, Google and Adobe have developed an excellent free open source font for Sino-Japanese and Korean users: Source Han Sans / NOTO SANS CJK, this font is between modern and traditional, provided Support for Japanese, Han, Chinese (Jane / Traditional), contains 7 different thickness sizes. Although two companies have developed, their respective […]

iPhone Mobile Security Guide

Summary: iPhone Mobile Security Guide – 1, iPhone unlocks use fingerprint; 2. Enable “Find My iPhone” function; 3. Apple ID Enable two-step verification; 4. Modify SIM card PIN code. 5, after the iPhone is stolen or lost, log in to iCloud Enable “Lost Mode”, and the SIM card is lost, and the phone is removed […]

Subsequent Chinese Academy of Sciences “Mulan”: The post is not promoted within five years.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Computational Technology Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Calculation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences) issued an investigation and handling of “Mulan” language issues. According to the “Mulan” language team, Liu Lei has a “Chinese Academy of Sciences on the Interim Measures for the Interim Measures for the Investigation and […]

Google opposes Ali Yunos: It is not compatible to destroy Android

According to Sina Technology report, the Senior Vice President of Google, Andy Rubin, founder Andy Rubin, published on the Android blog, saying that the incompatibility in the Android development will destroy this system, “Although Android is complete Free, but only compatible equipment can fully enjoy the benefits of the entire ecosystem “,” “adding bricks to […]

CloudFlare firewall rule set tutorial

CloudFlare is a multinational company that provides website security management, performance optimization, etc., CloudFlare can help protected most of the network attacks including distributed denial, DDOS, Distributed Denial of Service, and ensure that the site Long-term online, blocking cyber attacks, spam, etc., while improving the performance of the website, accessing speed to improve visitors. CloudFlare […]

The Steam account rescue is changed to three months

On June 24th, Steamdb officially announced that the frequency of the Steam account change area will be restricted. Steamdb is said to: In order to further hit people who purchase games in the cheap area, V Social will change the frequency of the country where the STEAM account is located. Added restrictions. Every three months […]

Microsoft OneDrive can’t access

A large number of netizens feedback, Microsoft Cloud storage service OneDrive has not been able to access from China yesterday, Microsoft has just improved the security of OneDrive yesterday, using a secure transport layer protocol to protect user data to prevent monitoring by hackers and government. Although OneDrive enables encryption technology to ensure that data […]

IMDB score rank algorithm

The IMDB website is currently the most authoritative, systematic, comprehensive movie website on the Internet, including almost all movies, and TV dramas after 1982. The IMDB’s information includes many information, actors, packages, content introduction, grading, comment, etc., to a large extent, to the IMDB score, for personal buying discs. Its unique film scoring system is […]

How to use iPad mobile office

Although IPAD Pro is an excellent productivity tool, the old version is also very efficient in daily work and professional purposes. This article is a guide to the use of old version iPad to complete the work. , Applications, accessories, etc. You may not have thought of using iPad to work, in fact, just use […]

iPhone modification time brick

Recently, IOS time returns to bugs in the Internet, and many netizens are fresh, personally trying to unfortunately move, it is said that DFU cannot fix this problem. Currently, the following conditions are met, enter the settings – general-time and date, turn off automatic settings, the modification time is 1970/1/1, the device, “time regression” bug […]