Alert USB keyboard logger

Recent media reported a new type of “USB keyboard logger” that recorded account, password entered, triggered netizens’ attention, the device didn’t seem to have no difference in the normal U disk, insert it into the computer USB interface, then put the keyboard line and it Connect, the device can automatically record the information entered on […]

Household game machine crisis

Since last year, the Japanese electronic consumer industry giants have exposed a lot loss. On April 26, 2012, the electronic game industry milestone company Nintendo also announced that the company has had an annual loss in the first time. As a fist product in Nintendo, 3DS and Wii cut the price because of poor sales, […]

WiFi universal key responds to suspected invasion networks and stealing information

On April 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notification on “Íø” mobile app. According to the communication department, the Network Security Administration organizes network security professional institutions to technical analysis of mobile applications “WiFi Universal Keys” and “WiFi Key”, discovering two mobile applications with information such as information such as WiFi […]

Encryption lock and “Internet +” gradually

Today, SaaS and cloud computing, today, the contradiction between the user and service-centric software application philosophy and the cost of the anti-theft version is getting deeper. Traditional software protection products have not adapted to the development trend of the current software industry. In this case, traditional hardware vendors are forced to retrofit, and the encryption […]

2017 best game list

The 2017 Award Ceremony of “Oscar” The Game Awards (TGA) was known as the game industry, held at 9:30 am on December 8. In the end, the “Selda Legend: Wilderness” was obtained by 2017 year game, the best game design and the best action adventure game, and became the biggest winner of the real place. […]

Virtual reality equipment Oculus: It can now be shocked

About ten years ago, I first saw online game novels at the starting point in the Chinese network. This type of novel used to be red, and the novel described in the future, humans can bring a helmet or sleep into the nutrition warehouse, enter one “Completely virtual real world”, in this world, your consciousness […]

Some ideas about the tweet deletion

The extorted account is logged in from the same IP address, issued and logged in with obvious rules. There are no more than 10 followers, most people do not have personal profile, these accounts are also praise and forwarded Specified essay. This account will be deleted in any social platform, and Sina Weibo will also […]

Enterprise “thieves” must not prevent

The last hacker left to our memory, it should be the thing Kaspersky’s breakdown by Duqu 2.0. Sorry hackers have only buried a timing bomb, and Kaspersky successfully removes it before detonation. The network attack is increasing, and Kaspersky can only be called the horn of the iceberg. Network attacks from outside have attracted great […]

2018 Steam Game Sales List

As the world’s largest PC game sales platform, Steam has announced the list of best-selling games in 2018. The list of games in this list is all the games on the platform, and the list of lists is not only single, but also the number of game sales, as well as consumption through the platform […]

Talk about indoor positioning technology

Everyone knows GPS, this thing is very powerful and is used by all walks of life. However, it also has a significant shortcomings, which is not positioned indoors, and generally the precision of the general civil is not high (about 10m), there is a distance relative to the requirements of indoor navigation (around 1M). With […]