Google release free real-time transcription software

Recently, Google Invitation media held a video conference call in Beijing, and Google Product Manager Sagar Savla introduced Live Transcribe software, which was a free Android service that reduced the dialogue in the real world by integrating automated subtitle technology into daily sessions. Google said that Live Transcribe supports 70 different languages ??(dialects), which can […]

iOS 7 power tips

In the early morning of September 19, IOS 7 was pushed to the global Apple user. iOS 7 is one of the most largest Apple mobile operating system versions for years, which can make full use of iPhone hardware processing capabilities. Apple has added a lot of new features in iOS 7, some of which […]

The RSA encryption system has been clicked to learn the big cow

Recently, German Cipher Claus Peter Schnorr was uploaded in the pre-printed website called himself to crack the RSA encryption system. This matter causes widespread concern in the cryptography and quantum password. Professor Valley, Dean, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said on March 4, said that this news was very surprised yesterday. “If it is true, this result […]

Baidu network disk apologizes on the “user incentive plan”

Baidu network disk has recently launched the “User Incentive Plan”, which has triggered a lot of netizens. Last night, Baidu network disk officially broke this sound, and the Baidu network disk default PC-side users apologized, and said that they would release a new PC-side new version today, and cancel all users of the “User Incentive […]

American hard disk eavesdropping software conjecture

According to foreign media reports, the Russian Network Security Company Kaspersky Lab said that the company has discovered a variety of design precision spyware in the computer hard disk produced by enterprises such as Toshiba, Western Data, Seagate and IBM. The software can be eavesdropped. Most computers in the world, Kaspersky indirectly suggests that these […]

Contrast OneDrive and Dropbox

Using cloud storage for synchronization of multiple computer files, it is a very basic efficiency software. The practitioners with multiple computers are probably not strange to them. In addition to several cloud synchronization dishes, we will currently The popular two cloud storage services perform a contrast. This contrast includes Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox. Free storage […]

WeChat phone this announced on October 22nd

On October 19th, according to IT’s home news, WeChat phone will issue a notice to the user before, and announced that it will be removed on October 22. Disclosure, WeChat phone is a high-efficiency and intelligent communication enhancement software built by Tencent, launched on November 11, 2014, supports notification SMS automatic archiving, spam intercepting, SMS […]

WeChat hard post heel

The release of WeChat 5.0 internal test, ushered in the cloud cloud of many media, analysis and predicts, but the future is often not predict, but will come forward. The author opened some WeChat’s truth from demand and product, human nature and habits. The head has always existed, and the WeChat real engine is behind […]

Dropbox: The model of cloud storage marketing

Dropbox is the world’s most popular cloud storage and sharing service, compared to competitors sugarsync, its function is very weak; compared to Google’s pay space, its storage space is too small; compared to Google Docs and other clouds Service, Dropbox does not provide a cloud, just storage. Dropbox has so many shortcomings, why did it […]