How do individual users securely choose software

For China’s personal computer users, most of the computer installation may be free software, how to install and select software is still more difficult for those non-IT technology “small white”, today is mainly talking about individuals today. How do users choose the common sense of computer software. I personally think that the big direction for […]

Several views on Google Keep

The industry is talking about Google launches cloud note product Keep. For Google, this big crocod is involved in the personal cloud market, and the author also shares several views. First of all, we are very happy to see Google is also optimistic about personal cloud. We have shared the prediction of Gartner for the […]

IOS Ecosystem Development Road – Is Apple no longer?

In the early hours of tomorrow, the WWDC this year will be held. This conference was attracted by the industry and received wide concern in the industry. IOS 7, OS X 10.9 and other series of heavy products are about to come. In order to express our heartfelt thanks to innovation, let us revisit the […]

Where is over-integrated journey?

Said super integration, but where the journey over converged in? The journey is over integration cloud, precisely, is a private cloud. If you open the 2013 report, you will find that, when the main concept of the integration of architecture and flagship super today the concept of integration is actually the same people. However, although […]

Quick payment security risks

E-commerce is inseparable from online payment. Before the third party pays, traditional online payment services have always been online payment services provided by banks, non-bank financial structures and non-financial companies have not been involved. However, with the development of e-commerce, several large third-party payment companies have carried out online payment, fast payment, etc. in various […]

Method for preventing iPhone to steal traffic

After many users used the iPhone, they found that traffic consumption was very large, and many times the traffic was drunged when we didn’t run the program in half night. What method can make our traffic can be effectively controlled, the following is some methods for preventing iPhone to steal traffic (for iOS 7). 1. […]

Microsoft officially terminated support Windows 7

Finally, with the arrival of January 14, 2020, the WINDOWS 7 operating system in service is finally retired. Since today, Microsoft will officially terminate support Win7, which means that users still use this classic operating system, but Microsoft will no longer make anything and update. Microsoft said that “After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no […]

Apple ID Settings Tutorial Guide

Regarding the security of the iPhone, one is the security of the mobile phone itself, one is the security of AppleID. As a user, in order to protect your iPhone and the security of personal information, we can do this is nothing more than protecting your Apple ID account. Today, the author teaches everyone how […]

Google Music Service is about to close

Google Play Music will stop service in December. Before shutting down, Google will begin to reduce the application’s functionality and streaming media music services. The first batch of people who canceled the streaming media service is September New Zealand and South Africa, and other countries in the world will follow up in October. In December, […]