Install SOCKS5 server on Linux

SOCKS5 is a proxy protocol that plays a mediation role between the front-end machine and server machine communication with TCP / IP protocol communication, so that the front-end machine in the internal network becomes the server in the Internet, or makes communication more secure. Here, take the CentOS as an example to describe how to […]

US government considers the chart of Tiktok

According to Reuters, US Secretary of State Pengpeo said in the evening of Monday, the United States “definitely considers” banned Chinese social media applications, including Tiktok. According to reports, Peonio said in an interview with Fox: “About China App on the mobile phone, I can guarantee this, the United States will also do this. I […]

Google Safety Team found Apple MacOS Major Security Vulnerability

In November last year, Google’s Project Zero team found that there is a “serious” vulnerability in Apple Macos kernel, which recently disclosed after the 90-day window period expired. Google explained that the vulnerability allows an attacker to modify the mount file system image owned by the user without notifying the virtual management subsystem, which means […]

No video website is uploaded using Flash P2P

As we all know, China’s Internet situation, there are still a large number of people living on the ADSL lines of the two old gangsters, Telecom/Netcom. At present, the download speed of 4m ADSL of China Telecom is basically 400k/s and the upload speed of 50k/s (I won’t say BPS here, just the download speed […]

We need Kindle or iPad mini

In December last year, Amazon China launched the Kindle store, recently said that the Kindle reader will be at the end of March. From such a well-known “rumor”, you can see everyone’s hope for Kindle: Reading tools that have been achieved abroad will be entered to China, how can I not expect. Today, digital publishing […]

Some think about the product

This article will discuss the topic of this is to start with a wide range of Internet products, the author will do the essential description as much as possible, starting from point-to-point product advantages, and ultimately talking about excellence products and even the ultimate product. Elements. Start the body. Excellent products are constantly improving: In […]

Disable WebRTC to prevent real IP leakage

Generally, when using the agent online, many times, do not want to expose their true IP address, but recently exposed a webRTC feature, exposing our true IP, for most browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. Problem. What is WebRTC WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology that supports web browsers for real-time voice dialogue or […]

Six class SaaS applications worthy of attention in the future

The Internet has no need to diaspate the importance of enterprises, and companies have developed from “Informatization” to “Internetization”. At present, SaaS services are still relatively limited in Middle Age, the overall share of the enterprise software market, but SaaS will become the main development direction of enterprise services has become industry consensus. Compared to […]

Chrome browser

Microsoft decided to terminate the development of its own Web rendering engine instead of using Chromium, which means control of the Web, at least from a functional point of view, it has been completely transferred to Google. Taking into account the behavior of these companies in the past, the current look, this is really a […]