2017 Steam Game Sales Rankings

Steam discloses the best list of platforms in 2017. The awards involved include 5 contents. They are the most best-selling year, the latest hottest game in the year, year-selling VR game, annual first experience works and annual online player games. In this list, we have seen many familiar works, both of which have some older […]

The pain of enterprises: the pain of project management software

At present, there are a variety of enterprise project management software in the market, but as companies don’t know which software is really suitable for themselves, many companies have given up after purchasing project management software, not only labor injured It makes the company far away from the software industry. This is not what we […]

Migrate iPhone data to Android

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, recently written a 900-word guide on its Google + social station, teaching iPhone users to back up the data to the Android camp. Although some of these steps cannot appreciate, but as Google leaders, teach users to “reverse” to Android mobile phone camps are not common. The following […]

Evernote fully enables two step validation functions

According to Evenote official blog report, Evernote and the Chinese version of Impression notes have been open to all free users, and the feature is only open to expense users. Two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, can add a security line to the user’s account. When this function is turned on, in addition to […]

DROPBOX Chinese version officially released

International Well-known Cloud Storage Services Dropbox officially launched Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, the latest Dropbox client (2.0.6) and Dropbox websites have supported Chinese language. The main function of Dropbox is to make file synchronization and sharing on the Internet. Dropbox is a number of cloud storage services that do not restrict a single file […]

Modify the direction of the Mac touchpad scroll

The natural scrolling direction of the Mac’s touch control board was very comfortable, but when she used the mouse, she felt uncomfortable. The two were related. If she cancelled the natural scrolling of the mouse, the touch control board would also cancel the natural scrolling. What if she could enjoy the natural rolling of the […]

Main VLOG release sharing platform

With the booming of the Internet short video industry, there are many new media innovation industrial chains, attract and focus on everyone’s gaze. Vlog as a new martial art in a short video, although in my country, it is in full swing in the development of this land, and it began to be popular in […]

2018 Best Game Rankings

In the blink of an eye, 2018 is also close to the end. The 2018 TGA game ceremony known as “Game Industry Oscar” is started at 9:30 am on December 7, 2018, and the Best Game of TGA is announced. The list has been announced, here is the 2018 TGA annual list, let’s take a […]

Baidu anti-virus official offline

According to netizens broke the news, Baidu anti-virus software official website has not been downloaded, the official website is in the middle of the “Baidu anti-virus thanks all the way to have you”, which means Baidu anti-virus software officially curtains. In the above, the above-mentioned big words are also written “to learn more to clean […]

“WeChat thinking”: thinking by the case

Some time, WeChat officially released a book named “WeChat thinking”, and sold through WeChat, in fact, there is a general content of the book before selling, many people say it is very general, nothing more than a lot of cases A book made. When I saw this, I didn’t have to buy it. When I […]