Apple official 2016 is selected

On December 7, Apple issued the “2016” in 2016, including the best application, best games, and best podcasts, and subdivided the most popular applications and games on the iPhone and iPad. Let’s take a look at what high quality content this year is: iPhone Best Applications & Games: The best application was extracted by Prisma, […]

Which is more suitable for WeChat and mail?

According to the “2018 China Mobile consumer research” shows that Chinese people see the number of e-mail users worldwide compared with 22% less. In China, working in the most commonly used micro letter: According to the Penguin intellectual cool release of “2017 micro-channel user & ecological research report” in the 20,000 surveyed the crowd, more […]

Top Ten Best Computer Single Games

According to Newzoo released “global gaming market report” shows that the world has 2.5 billion mobile gamers, there are more than 880 million home console players, there are 1.3 billion PC platform players, mobile gaming income is expected to $ 77.2 billion, console games is expected to 45.2 billion dollar, PC gaming is expected to […]

The jailbreak team deninked the money and stop working with Tai Chi

Today, Jailbreak Team Evad3RS issued a statement in its official website, officially announced the termination of the Territory of Taiji Assistant, and transfers the Taiji Assistant in the new jailbreak software installation package, and the jailbreak team also denied the payment of the Taiji Assistant and said No source code is given to the Tai […]

iPhone 4S Optimization Guide

This article will introduce an optimization solution for iPhone 4S mobile phone installation of iOS 6 systems from three aspects of power saving optimization, storage space optimization, daily maintenance. The iPhone 4S optimization method described herein is also suitable for all iPhone mobile phones installed in IOS6, such as iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4, iPhone 5 […]

Valve handheld Steam Deck announcement

On July 16th, the portable PC handset Steam Deck of V-Social products was officially announced, and it will be officially released in December this year. This handheld 64GB version price of 399 knives, 256GB version 529 knife, 512GB version 649 knife, is expected to be shipped in December 2021. Steam deck uses custom AMD chips, […]

WeChat public platform “account migration” process public beta

Today, the WeChat public platform “account migration” process begins public beta, meet the requirements of WeChat public account, can migrate fans, articles, illegal records to another. After the migration is completed, the original public number is logged out. WeChat official said long, due to the historical reasons such as some public numbers, inacchers, or the […]

CacheBrowser: Using CDN content cache Internet

According to Solidot, in October this year, the researchers of Mames at Mada University proposed a networked system cachebrowser that does not require a proxy server, bypassing DNS interference directly from the CDN vendor’s content hosting server.Shielded content.The advantage of this method is that the latency delay is much smaller than the method, but the […]

Iqiyi is empty by the agency

Short body Wolfpack Research released a report up to 37, accusing iQIYI allegedly inflated revenue and overstated the number of users by means of accounting. The agency believes that iQIYI its 2019 revenue exaggerated about 80-130 billion (27% -44%), which reports to the SEC deferred revenue in 2015, 2016 and 2017 were overstated up 261.7 […]

Google+ information flow modified version

Google+ has recently released a new version, except for changes in the interface, the biggest change is the change of the information flow, and the information display is made by a single line of messages, and the Pinterest’s display mode is similar, and some like Facebook. Depending on the size of the user screen, the […]